Does Anyone Know A Store I Could Possibly Get A Violet Make Up Clutch From?

  1. :crybaby:
    I just got an email from Daphne telling me all the Make Up Clutch's in Grape and Jaune came in and went to the first few people on the waitlists. I put my name on the Jaune list very early on, so that was a real surprise, but the Grape I just got on a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I called Barney's and I put my name down there, but since they don't have any in yet and there are no guarantees, I want to still look around. I tried Neiman Marcus and they said no Make Up's were ordered. Violet is my first choice but I am interested in a Jaune Make Up too. If anyone has a clue on where I might get one, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  2. Deana, I think we are the ones that stay up late at night! TPF is much better than TV... I would love a makeup bag- i seem to have knack for finding the unattainable, so i will keep my eyes and ears open for you:biggrin:
  3. CBF - thanks fpr the input...I PM'ed Deana about this...I too am looking for a Violet Makeup or Mini Coin...
  4. Yeah, I get on when the DH is watching some TV and the girls are doing their own thing.
    Called Saks in Boca Raton, FL and they didn't have any Violet. She told me she had a First in purple, and I almost fell over, since we have not seen any Violet First's yet, and I am on the list for one at Bal, NY. Then she said it was a light purple like a Lavender color. So if anyone is interested in a 06 Lilac First, I can give you their telephone number.
    So the hunt is still on for Violet and Jaune, Make Up and Mini Coin!
  5. Ah sweetie, I have no idea!!!

    I'd love one too :heart:

    Moving to shopping...
  6. I have been unable to get a makeup bag in either color. I called BALNY very early but the few they had coming were already promised to the incredibly early! Accessories are pretty hard to come by, in my experience. Sorry!
  7. Thanks for trying ladies! I am a little dumbfounded why so little of these smaller accessories are made! I would think gals that can afford larger purchase would still love a handful of these smaller accessories, and the gals that can't afford a number of the more expensive items, would be all over these small bags. They definitley need to make more!
    Anyhoo...I have to thank pf-er qwerty822 letting me know she had ordered a Violet MakeUp and Shoulder from a store in Denmark, but only purchased the Shoulder. I almost missed it cuz a guy came in before I called and asked them to hold it until Monday. Luckily he didn't want it, so I sent a wire transfer today for it. Yippee! If any of the local stores get back to me with news of any coming in, I will come here and post the info.

  8. I have a yellow makeup on waitlist and Cult Status told me that they are expecting a delivery of yellow and purples next week. I would email them to get your name down.
  9. Aww, you're welcome! I'm so happy it worked out for you!!!!