Does anyone know a great SA @ Saks in Boston?

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  1. I am going to Boston on Wednesday. Inquiring about Saks because they offer 10% off for opening a new account. Also wonder if Chanel at saks will take their bags back to refurbish... Thanks:confused1:
  2. Sorry Saks Boston doesn't have a Chanel boutique, only NM does :nogood:
  3. yup=) go to Neimans or the boutique on Newburry st. Staffibp, do you know any SA at Neiman or the boutique that you usually work with? I work with Rose at the boutique. She is nice and helpful but I dont feel like she is as knowledgable as others. I am looking to establish relationship with one SA at Chanel NM. If you dont mind, can you refer me to one? thanks
  4. i dont know of any SA at saks in boston, but do NOT use carol at NM in boston. i bought a white chanel bag from her, and when i got it there were brown marks on the bottom, scratches on the handles, and a blue pen mark right on the front!! i called her about it and she wasnt the least bit apologetic"about selling me a flawed bag.....instead she said, "well its been sitting out here awhile so just send it back" and had a bit of an attitude about it too!