Does anyone know a good SA @Barneys?

  1. Any location is fine... there are no Barneys in NJ so I will not have to pay tax..hee hee. Thanks!
  2. Try Barneys in Boston at Copley Place.
    Any of the associates are great and super helpful, they can find you anything!
    Also, Barneys has 2 stores in NJ. Sorry!

  3. Max in the NY store is most helpful & he will pick out the most pristine bag...he doesn't like floor samples!!
  4. Oh, where are the stores in NJ? I couldn't find them when I looked at the store locator...

    Thanks for the SA suggestions, though!
  5. ^^I just called Barneys and, yes, they just opened a Co-op in Riverside, NJ...Grr, I hate paying sales tax...
  6. George at Barneys Copley in Boston is fantastic. I'm... less than enamored with the SAs at other Barneys.
  7. There are some friendly girls at Barneys in Dallas, Tx. Sorry I don't have a name, but several were very friendly when I've been there.