does anyone just buy bags, not accessories?

  1. why? what do you use for accessories? just curious!
  2. I typically just buy bags but I do buy scarfs/bandeaus. As far as accessories, I have a makeup bag and an wallet already and I'm not ready for new ones quite yet............unless I see something I just have to have. ;)
  3. i'm pretty much a bag girl only...but I did just get a cles for Christmas, and about to get a wapity soon...and I am wishful thinking of a clear inclusion bracelet...but I think that's as far as I would go.....I like bags more! hahaha
  4. :yes: yup, i guess it's the price of accessories.....255 for inclusion bracelet or use the money for Azur pochette? for 2 or 3 accessories, i can buy another big LV item. But i do have several cles to replace burberry long wallet if i am using pochette or just want to be hands free in crowded place :smile:
  5. I typically buy bags. The accessories cost pretty much the same as a bag so I'd rather buy the bag! I do get the odd cles though! I can't bring myself to purchase a wallet.
  6. I buy both!! :yes:

    I like to personalize/accessorize my bags with cute lil LV pieces. These are the pieces I have to choose from: groom ronde, groom cles, panda cles, Incl. speedy keyring, and MC pastilles!

    It's fun to throw a accessory onto a bag and give it a new look!!:p

    Here's a list of all my accessories (wallets, etc. included):

    Groom Cles
    Groom Ronde
    Groom Poch. Wallet
    Inclusion Speedy Keyring (beige)
    Panda Cles
    Mono Poch. Access. (for quick trips/or to carry sm. stuff and put in bigger bags)
    MC Wh. Poch. Access. (same as above)
    MC Wh. Sm. Agenda
    Mono ipod cover
    MC Wh. wapity
    Mono Ludlow wallet
    Key ring extender thingy for pochettes
    MC Pastilles keychain
  7. I mostly buy bags and some shoes but I'm slowly getting into accessories too and I blame this board for that :lol:
  8. nope, I buy bags, small leather goods, scarves, ties (not for me lol), and I'm thinking of wandering off toward shoes..... but I still don't know cuz I can't afford to walk on money lol!
  9. Yes, I only buy bags. I have a wallet I love that has sentimental value to me because it was a gift from my mom, so no need for an LV wallet. And I find most other "accessories" (e.g., wapity, cles, etc.) to be a waste of time and money for me, as cute as they are.

    The one LV accessory I might consider purchasing in the future is a key holder. I'm getting a little tired of having to always put my key ring into the zipper pocket of my bag, lest my keys scratch up every other item in there.
  10. I buy mostly just bags. As much as I drool over LV wallets and stuff I would rather put that money towards an actual bag. I use a chocolate brown Coach wallet I just bought at the outlet and a small MAC cosmetic bag. I sometimes look at the wapity and want one but I know it would seldom get used....but so damn cute. I have manyyyy wallets but none are all that expensive. Yet.
  11. When I do buy LV bags, that is all I buy. I have only one thing that MIGHT be considered an accessory and that is an LV agenda. I don't like the LV accessories. I use my Hermes accessories instead.
  12. so far it's bag's small leather goods, accessoires and sunnies. I'm thinking about getting some pret a porter maybe for the summer. And maybe shoes.
  13. LV makes pretty RTW clothings, too! I love LV clothings and shoes more than bags some reason..
  14. i only buy bags. the only accessory i have is the mono pti wallet. i'd rather spend my money on bags than little accessories...just my personal preference.
  15. The little accessories and wallets just don't do it for me...give me a bag anyday :shrugs: