Does anyone insure their shoes?

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  1. Thanks for the motivation, ladies! This will be on my to do list.

    Repeat to oneself: call insurance agent, scan receipts, and take pictures.
  2. I agree with this suggestion!! We need to make sure that these babies are covered and protected.

    Great idea, guys!!
  3. Homeowner's insurance covers your shoes. I'm not sure about renters. We had a leak last year and I lost some shoes (no CLs, thank God) and bags. It was my 13 y/o daughter's closet. I had stored some of my designer stuff in there.....Uggs boots, Prada overnight bag, a couple Isabella Fiore bags, Theory leather jacket, all my daughter's stuff, which all together turned out to be thousands of dollars. All covered. The best thing to do is check with insurance agent, and of course keep track of all your designer goods. My claim went very smoothly because I had receipts and documentation.
  4. ^^^ i believe renters insurance covers shoes, clothing, etc. At least mine does.

    I think it's CRAZY that people don't have renters insurance. I only have to pay about $100 a year and I have a lot of coverage. There was an apt fire (not at my apt. but one in town) and only 10% of the people had renters insurance. The others lost EVERYTHING.
  5. naked, I am actually REQUIRED by my leasing office to have renter's insurance. I needed it prior to moving in, which I think is very smart. I always thought it was silly that I didn't have it while college and medical school. Mine is very inexpensive as well and covers quite a bit. I do need to up the coverage though to cover the entire cost of my designer goods, which always seems to be increasing. The agent is going to laugh at me when I call her to tell her by how much. LOL
  6. Naked, that's nuts! I've always had renter's insurance, although in college my parents' homeowners' insurance covered my dorm room (now that's good coverage!). It is very inepensive, and I know that last year when I upped the coverage by $10,000 from the previous year due to owning new furniture and electronics, it only increased by about $20 or $30 for the whole year. So it's well worth it for everyone - now all our insurers will be kept busy increasing our coverage for shoes!

    And Asha, you're right, my biggest concern is admitting the value of my collection out loud to someone! I'm not sure she'll understand...luckily she's a lovely person, so she won't make fun of me, haha.
  7. I'll have to make sure I know the specifics of my homeowner's insurance policy. I've got pictures and receipts.
  8. I've been considering this. When we built our house, we only got a minimal amount of coverage, but we've collected lots of stuff since then. I have my shoes and photography equipment, and DH has lots of electronic equipment and a small gun collection (don't worry, we're not crazy hilljacks, he's a sport shooter!). I'd sort of cringe to total up the cost of my stuff, though. I do that for my photo equipment, and I was like "yikes!". And I know I've spent more on shoes!
  9. I added my shoes/bags to my insurance policy as soon as I got them. I would just be heartbroken if anything happened to them! And at this point in the economy I dont think I could replace them...
  10. My DH just turned to me the other day and mentioned that we should up our coverage to include all my bags and shoes!:shame:
    This is a great idea, as I don't want to not be covered if anything happens, however with that being said, I'm actually going to have to come clean on the value of everything, this could cause grounds for divorce:wtf:!!!LOL
    Question: when declaring the value of the shoes do you list retail or what you paid for them?
  11. This is something I hadn't even thought about, I'm glad it was brought up. I will have to look into this.
  12. Well living in TX and in a historic home. My chance at Tornado (I have lived through 2 already) :smile: or fire damage is high. I asked my insurance lady about this very thing. They are covered with the home owners insurance. You need to double check up to what amount. Some of us may have to raise the amount on our policies. I take pictures and upload them(shoes and purses) to a site asap and I carry the pictures in my purse.
    I have a lock on my Closet door just in case someone breaks in.
  13. Well, you don't have to insure them seperately. But yes, they are insured on your homeowner's policy under the personal property coverage.

    I also wanted to recommend for everyone to do a household inventory. It is really helpful in the event of a catastrophic loss. You would be surprised at how hard it is to remember everything you own. Take a picture of each room, write down your items and how much you paid for them. Any expensive items (plasma TVs, computers, shoes, bags, etc), make sure you take pictures of those and keep receipts. I know with my company the homeowner's policies only come with a certain amount of coverage allowed for jewelry. The limit is only $1500. So no matter how much jewelry you have, we will only pay you $1500 unless you schedule each item seperately. If you have ANY expensive jewelry, please call and tell your insurance agent. They need to schedule each piece specifically on your policy. The same goes for paintings, furs, guns, etc. It does cost extra, but it's worth it. :tup:
  14. Very informative. TFP
  15. If your shoe collection is worth thousands of dollars, then it would be very smart to insure it.