Does anyone insure their shoes?

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  1. I always get super paranoid that something will happen to any of my expensive goods. I do keep my receipts on me always though. I have one of those receipt scanners so I have stuff on file and I also make copies of the receipts before they get all faded. I haven't insured anything yet that I know of, I think our home insurance has a section for luxury goods but I dont know what value it's at.

    What does everyone do w/ their ebay purchases? Do you print out copies of your payments with paypal?
  2. I would get them insured. I mean, some bags bags and shoes can go into the thousands, why not insure them? A Chanel bag can definitely be costly and if you have a sizable collection, it wouldn't be crazy to make sure you could get your money back in case something happens.
  3. Hi, I am an insurance agent. You shouldn't need a special luxury goods rider to cover the shoes. With my company you only schedule jewelry, paintings, fur, etc. You should just need to raise the personal property coverage on your renters policy to allow for the shoes. So if you currently have $20,000 for your personal property, I would raise it an additional $5,000 (or whatever the total value of your shoes may be). Make sure you keep all receipts for the shoes and take photos! Check with your agent just to be sure.
  4. i keep my online receipts in a folder in my hotmail which are names monthly and also print them out n file them.
  5. Thanks Shelley for the info!
  6. Of course my shoes are insured along with everything else in the condo, no exceptions! We take the time to treat them right, not wear them sometimes to just look at them, store them, condition them, not take them out in the rain. Al that to not have them covered? As much as they cost they should be covered.
  7. Katie, for my ebay purchases I keep a copy of my paypal receipt. If it's not a good item description, I also print out a copy of the auction page - but most sellers have pretty descriptive titles, so that usually isn't necessary.

    Shelley, thanks so much for the info! I'm glad to know that standard coverage is the norm, so that I have an idea of what I'm talking about when I call the insurance company. I have to sit down and figure out the actual value of my collection - despite having all the receipts, I've never added up the total for sure. But I'll do that tonight and call my insurer in the next couple of days to increase the coverage.
  8. Exactly!
  9. Jimmy, I should have known you'd be the most responsible one here! I'm definitely doing this, along with taking a closer look at the rest of my possessions to make sure my coverage is accurate to date, since I've gotten some new things since moving and purchasing the policy.
  10. It doesn't cost that much, seriously. You should do it. Some shoes costs can go upwards to the cost of a car and we insured those. Shoes are definitely not exempt from being stolen (especially with this economy) or damaged.

    On top of that, my salon was broken into two times, so after that I made sure everything was insured.
  11. I dont have mine insured and hadnt really thought about it or looked to see if my current policy covers them, but just a kind of a funny story. I actually had a house fire last year that pretty much ruined the entire top floor of my house. When the fire dept got to my house, of course we had to get out and so I had no idea whether the fire had spread or not. My bedroom is downstairs. The only thing I kept thinking about the entire time we were waiting was about my shoes, bags and clothes!! :P How sad is that, that part of my house is going up in flames, but I was worried about my luxury goods. LOL I was so worried I was going to lose all my stuff, not get paid for it and have to wear cheap red cross or goodwill clothing! Luckily nothing was damaged. :smile:
  12. That is even more of a reason to get your shoes covered. That would have scared the ish out of me!
  13. I am totally paranoid about house fires. I just upped my home contents + personal valueables insurance to cover the extra cost of all these extra goodies I've been purchasing. There's no need to take out specific cover for the shoes. The cover covers things like jewellery and cameras and handbags and shoes too. I paid extra to cover them outside the home too - if they get stolen, or damaged, or lost. I think if you had to prove you owned something when making a claim and lost your hard copy receipt, there's always your bank statements and email PayPal invoices and things like that - gotta love cyberspace!
  14. sure do! and i insure my bags too! all i did was just to call up, give my insurance company a list, tell them how much i want to up the contents insurance to, they gave me a quote (works out only about $4 more a month but i only have a small collection), and thats it.

    we insure everything in the house and my jewellery, i would be devastated if they are lost/damaged/stolen and if i cant even replace them it would be worse!
  15. You can insure shoes? wow!