Does anyone insure their shoes?

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  1. My shoe collection has grown....let's just say quite a bit!...since last year when I worked out my renter's insurance policy on my new apartment. It's up for renewal in April, and I'm trying to decide whether I should get a luxury goods rider to cover the cost of my collection. Before I call the insurance company to discuss the best policy for me (i.e., a luxury goods rider or just upping the total coverage if my shoes would be included in that), I wanted to know if the rest of you have dealt with this issue.

    Seems a little ridiculous, maybe, but there's a lot of money sitting in my closet and I'd hate for financial issues to compound my sadness over the shoes themselves if something were to happen.
  2. Oh my goodness I was just talking about this with a friend the other day! I was saying that I am so frightened in case I leave my straighteners on and there is a fire and I have to declare the true cost of my shoes/clothes/handbags!! lol

    But no, I don't think it sounds ridiculous at all, I mean, depending on how many pairs you have, they may be the most expensive items in your whole house!
  3. a car drove into my house last year which hit the guest bathroom, which caused the wall between the bathroom and my shoe lil room to collapse, trapping all my shoes and my mummys shoes in there and causing some of them to be damaged >.<

    Then we found that our insurance actually covers our luxury goods, so we got reimbursed (is that the right word to use). Mummy was so glad that my dad had decided to have our stuff covered, but im not so sure how exactly they are covered.

    But its still sad to see some of my baby shoes to be ruined >.<

  4. :wtf:

    say it ain't so!!
  5. Aw, that is sad! And that's partly what I mean - it's sad enough to see your shoes ruined, but to be out all that money on top of it would be awful. Like I said, I'm going to talk to my insurer about whether my regular coverage would include the shoes and just need to be increased to the right amount, or whether I need something special. I'd just like to hear what everyone else does so I have some information going in and don't get blindsided.
  6. While visiting my parents I saw a special report on home insurance and the one thing I learned was to take lots of pictures.

    Go through your house and just take pictures of everything. This a simple and key way to prove to the insurance company that you own the we all know how much we love to photograph our Loubies, so it shouldn't be too hard to do!
  7. i haven't done anything like that yet. But I think it would be smart.
  8. Ceseeber, the pics wouldn't be a problem, at least not of the shoes! They're all on here already! (Although you're completely right, I should take pics of the rest of my stuff, like furniture - shows you where my priorities are.)
  9. totally agree with you jh =)
    I can ask my dad what he did, but it might be different in U.K then where you live =)
  10. Yeah, we all definitely take enough pictures. Do you think that my Christmas shoe tree will suffice??? LOL :roflmfao:

    Keeping receipts on file would be smart too.
  11. Oh, good point, Lynn! I always keep my receipts for big purchases. Actually, my goal is to one day scan them all and email them to myself, since if my house burns down the receipts will likely go with it. For now, I at least keep order confirmations fr online purchases as some backup.
  12. jenn, i think we definitely need to be certain our insurance policy would cover our shoes, especially with a collection like YOURS! girl, you'll probably need to take out a special policy just for your collection, and i'm not kidding! :heart:
  13. I know, I know! That's why I'm asking, hehe. Trying to be responsible and everything.
  14. I don’t insure mine. It’s a smart idea though, I probably should.
  15. i haven't yet but my boyfriend is bugging me to do it, in case anything like what happened to lilgooseberry god forbid happens