Does anyone hide their purchases from DH or BF?

  1. and show it to him later...

    I don't before but I have been buying so much lately. I am going to acquire a Bedford soon and I am planning to hide this from my DH...until later...
  2. No, my LV's are the one purchase I can't hide....because he buys them for me!!
  3. No, because I buy everything with my own money and thus there's nothing hide. He can't protest - it's MY money ;)
  4. I agree w/ misstania. although the bf still criticizes me for spending so much money on bags haha.
  5. sadly, I did sometimes...but at the end my boyfriend knew everything...
    I couldn't hide's a tough job.
  6. i try, but it's hard.. but at the same time, it's MY money as well.. he jsut likes to give me guilt trips about them..
  7. No, I figure if I have to hide it then I must not need it. We share the money, so I feel that he deserves to know what I spent it on. He has never said anything to me about what I buy. He knows that if we can't afford it, then I don't buy it. No reason to hide anything here! :yes:
  8. I didn't but wish I did because he said I was becoming one of THOSE girls. What is that supposed to mean? I used my own money, too. He has no income (student).
  9. I use my money as well but sometimes I feel so guilty of spending too much. :shame:
  10. Yes, I have to. My DH thinks a woman needs only one handbag....much the same way a man needs only one wallet. He doesn't understand my need to have a selection to match my wardrobe, or my desire to "collect" handbags. He also doesn't understand why they cost so much. We've been married for 27 years so I guess we're doing something keeping my handbag purchases from him has certainly helped! He goes absolutely crazy when he sees I've bought a bag. That's about the only thing in our lives that sets him off, though. So, I've learned to work around it.
  11. I don't. He knows I love LV and I'm spending my own money so he doesn't say much. I will say that if I walk in with mulitple LV shopping bags he'll ask me, "How much did that cost." He says it in good fun though. :lol:
  12. Nope. He's the one who handles balances the checking account so he would know even if I tried to hide it.
  13. No, I never hide spending from my husband. I don't think it's a good idea and it makes it seem like there is something shameful about the purchase.
    He knows how I go about saving for things.
  14. oh dude! i have TOTALLY done that!
  15. hey, can i finally ask , what is a dh? dear husband?