Does anyone here weave?

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  1. Hi,

    First time posting in this forum, loving all the wonderfully creative people in here.

    I think I may be on the verge of a new hobby - WEAVING!

    But I know pretty much nothing about it :rolleyes:

    How it came about: more years ago than I am prepared to admit, a mad teacher at school made us go searching for sheep's wool snagged on hedges, then we had to dye it with nettles before weaving with it.
    Yes, my school was full of crazy people :P It was the only part of needlework I enjoyed!

    All the women on my mum's side of the family were incredibly talented in all kinds of artistic hobbies; you name it, they are / were top in it.

    This talent has skipped me. I can barely sew on a button...
    I adore wool / yarn yet I can't do anything with it. I can't knit. I can't crochet. :sad:

    Anyway, I forgot about the mad needlework teacher until my mum gave my little girl a tiny loom for Xmas.
    I purloined it and got hooked! It's only big enough to make a coaster though.

    So, I'm on the verge of buying a larger, hand-held loom (DH won't allow me to buy a full size one - yet ;) )

    I'll probably take a course when I'm back in the UK in the summer, but that seems an awfully long time away and I'm impatient :nuts:

    So, I'm looking for inspiration!
    Any advice or suggestions from you clever people here?

    (sorry this got a bit long, I have a tendency to ramble)
  2. Welcome! I'm interested to see what you make, your experiences and anyone elses. I honestly have no freakin idea as to how a loom or weaving works lol! I will keep reading as you/other people post about it though!
  3. Thank you! I'm actually having problems even getting a loom atm :rolleyes: . I need to order it from the UK so I can understand the instructions... and they don't seem to want to take my order. Techie complications - bleurgh.

    I have lovely wool. I have inclination. Just no damn loom LOL!

    Hopefully, this latest obsession won't peter out before I get going ;)
  4. I have wanted to take classes, but I know I would get into it and I have no room for a loom.
  5. This is the loom that was recommended for me but having googled even more :rolleyes: I am rather confused...

    Maybe a tapestry loom is what I need.

    Apparently I have to decided precisely WHAT I want to make with it. I think I want to make wall hangings and scarves.

    More investigation required!
  6. Expat, honestly probably taking lessons is the smart thing. The price of that loom is about the same as the cost of a class. If you get good at it/get into it, you will know from the class and then you can just skip ahead to a good loom. Since by then you will know what kinds of looms are good.
  7. Oh I totally agree. My only problem is I'm in Japan and don't understand / speak enough of the language to even get started on finding a course :sad:.

    I've been looking for one in the UK for when we visit in the summer, but they are all closed over the months we're there, or too far away from where we stay.

    Mum's buying me the loom for my birthday.
  8. Hi Expat! I used to do a lot of weaving, scarves and blankets mostly. This loom would probably occupy you and become a favorite for travel but I don't think you'll get as much from it as you would a standard beginners 4 harness floor loom. Learn on this loom but try to get yourself in a class as soon as you can. There are so many ways to thread a loom and get different patterns and effects you could go on learning your whole life. It's really addicting.
    Perhaps when you get back to the UK you could get a private lesson from a fibers student or something like that. Most art/fashion schools will have a fibers dept and they must have summer sessions. It's also a good place to buy a workhorse loom second hand.

    I really hope you continue and get involved. It's a beautiful craft that uses your mind and relaxes the soul. Good Luck!
  9. Hi Dharma!

    Thank you for your reply!! I think I am already addicted and I don't even have the loom yet! Still making "doll's house rugs" on my DDs little toy one!

    I have, however, ordered the one I mentioned above, so we'll see how it goes (I'm so impulsive!)

    I've spent a lot of time looking at "yarn porn" on the internet but have resisted buying that until I find out some more about what I actually need.

    We do travel around a lot, but we will be settling down back in the UK in a few years, so maybe I'll be able to get a floor loom later in my life ;)

    I've decided to concentrate on scarves for now and see where that takes me.

    So excited! I just want to get going :yahoo:
  10. Well, my loom has finally arrived :yahoo:

    But it's about 4 times bigger than I expected :rolleyes: so won't be coming on holidays with me! I had visions of being able to do it sat on the sofa but it's waaaaay too big for that and has to be clamped to a table. Ah well!

    I've had to clear an entire room and am in the process of building it. Am about halfway through and I've not even worked out how to thread the warp. Determined to do it myself without DHs help ;)

    AND! I've found a wonderful lady in the UK who will teach me to weave properly when I get there in the summer. She's completely flexible about what I want to learn and when I can make it. :tup:
  11. Expat, I weave. I actually made my own loom. It is wonderful because it can be broken down. I don't weave as much as I did a few years ago. I've switched to loom beading. There are loom designs available out there, particularly if you look to some Native American arts & craft sites that might be helpful if you're looking for a travel compatible loom.