Does anyone here watch LOST?? (purse ID help needed)

  1. Did anyone watch Lost tonight?? When Kate leaves the courthouse, she's carrying a really cute black purse.. did anyone see it and does anyone know what it was?? :drool:
  2. You know, I thought it was a Chanel - but I only had about 1 millisecond to look at it before my daughter demanded my attention.
  3. Actually I thought of Chanel too because of the leather and the chain... but I'm not very familiar with Chanel bags at all, so I wasn't sure.. Thanks for the reply sunsera!

    Anyone else?
  4. hahahahaha I love LOST and I notice the bag too, but I have no idea what it is. Hopefully someone can help.
  5. Oh, good eye!
  6. OMG, I love LOST. You know, SUN carried some nice purses "back in Korea" that I would love to ID as well. I didn't watch last night yet (I taped it and will watch Sunday). Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye out!
  7. nice eye! i just watched lost today and totally love that bag she was carrying!
  8. i love lost ! Ive been a fan since the first episode.
  9. I saw it, as I'm a LOST addict and a purse addict. Have no idea what purse it was.
  10. haha, i love lost! i watched it last night and saw that purse too! i thought it was chanel at first but then i rewinded my dvr and looked closer and realized it wasn't but didn't know what it was. it does in fact look like that marc jacobs bag!
  11. nice work mockingly - so quick!! ... super cute mj... i love it.
    I'm in Aus and we have not had the episode in the courthouse!! Maybe this week (i hope). We talk about theories in the Aussie Aussie Aussie thread (gen discussion) Even though we are behind you... all welcome to join!!
    x coco
  12. OMG I just finished watching the episode 10 min ago and I was wondering what the bag was! So glad to see it on tPF :smile: Thanks for IDing the bag so fast mockinglee~!