Does anyone here use baby shampoo...on themselves?

  1. I know this is probably an odd question, but I was curious about whether it is effective for adults to use baby shampoo. I try to only wash my hair 3x per week, but I have to blow it out after each washing and would like to do as much as I can to be gentle on it. I figured that since most products made for babies are might be worth a shot. Any thought?
  2. I use it - I think it's gentler than the adult stuff.... Plus I just love the way it smells.
  3. Not for shampoo but I use Johnson's lavender bedtime bath for my body wash & bubble bath. I love the way it smells & for the same reasons as you, it's gentler on my skin:smile:
  4. Thanks to you both! I love the smell of it too for both the shampoo and the lotions. Do you use Johnson's?
  5. yes, J&J! No more tears. I borrow it from my babies.
  6. Yay! I am going to pick some up tonight! I also need lotion, so I might as well get some of the J&J as well. :smile:
  7. Years ago my dermatologist recommended me to use baby shampoo to prevent my skin from breaking out.
  8. ^ That is an awesome added bonus, breakfast lover! Did it work?
  9. I use the Johnson's baby shampoo sometimes before my regular shampoo, just to kind of clarify, I swear my hair is shinier when I do this. I also use the Johnsons baby lotion with aloe(has a green cap) and love it for me and baby. Why not for adults too?!
  10. I have that and i love it!! My bf loves the smell on me and commented that my skin is softer after i uses it. It works!! J&J products are the best and its gentle enough even for irritated skin :love:
  11. I use the lavender baby wash on my body too! I also use baby shampoo sometimes on my hair. Works great!
  12. After reading all this great feedback, I am definitely picking up some products tonight. I was looking online and saw that J&J makes baby lotion with Shea Butter. I also want the Lavender baby shampoo. I'm excited!
  13. I just thought I would give an update. I bought the Johnson's baby shampoo over the weekend. They make a kind that is moisturizing, and I opted for that one. It doesn't lather as much as I am used to with other shampoos, but I really do like it. I feel like I am being kinder to my hair in some small way.
  14. I used to use baby shampoo but I stopped, this thread reminded me and I think I might go back to using it. However, I do not recommend using baby lotion, I don't even use it on my two little boys (3 years and 9 months). It's high in alcohol and not very moisturising at all.
  15. i don't have any children, but i do use baby products from time to time... lotions, shampoo, even wipes! lol