Does anyone here think LV is taking over their life?

  1. I'm a 2nd year med school student, and i'm basically preparing for the first part of my boards. The thing is that I get so distracted by a LV purse or accessory that i'm currently yearning for that I keep thinking about the item and get distracted from studying! The obsession is pretty bad... they should have a purseaholics anonymous club! :lol:
  3. LOL I think tPF is more distracting than any LV obsession. Or maybe it's the same :graucho:
  4. I seriously think about LV way too much. I find myself literally daydreaming about the purchases I want to make. It's so sad!!

    It's definately taking over my life; I think my bf is getting sick of hearing about LV!
  5. yep my BF call's himself a Vuitton Widow
  6. LOL.... ok ladies... we should start a purseaholics anoymous club!!! I'm so glad to know i'm not the only one!!!!
  7. LV took over my life looooooooooooooooooooong ago.
  8. Yup... TPF is fueling my addiction with other LV addicts. Now I can share and see as others expand their collections with each *drool* thread!
  9. I am still a freshman in high school, but Louis Vuitton bags are the love of my life, however its placed right behind reading.

    Right now, academics are so much more important to me than a bag. I know my limits when it comes to studying.

    So to answer your question, lv has not taken over my life. It is just a nice contribution to it.
  10. Wonderful Sophia---beauty and brains...a winning combo!
  11. :yes: :yes: So true!
  12. Michelle, you are way too sweet :love:
  13. I can totally relate I'm in my last semester of dental school (to be a dentist not a hygniest, sorry I always clarify cuz I'm always be an assistant or a hyginest) In my second year when (all classes) I would sit in class and think about what LV is next..this is how I ened up with so much LV to sell. I spent all the money I'd saved working on LV (which was no big deal cuz that what I saved it for) Don't worry when you start treating patients your mind will settle, or it will have to cuz you got soooo much other stuff to think about.
  14. Sophia - I wish I had your awesome looks and your brains....and your ability to resist LV so well, lol.

    I think the PF and LV are taking me over...and it gets worse when John and lmpsola get me excited...:heart: you guys :p
  15. in a nutshell- yes. lol.

    when you start to dream about it- it may be a problem. and i def have been dreaming about lv... i even stopped having my eBay dreams! lol