Does anyone here shop at Scoop NYC?

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  1. I'd appreciate feedback from you guys! This store looks great. They have great designers and the prices aren't bad either.
  2. I've ordered from them and haven't had any problems.
  3. oooh i love scoop :biggrin:.....well i guess that isn't surprising since i love all stores but i love scoop because they have an incredible selection of denim and usually a well thought out selection of key pieces from various designers and lotsa basics like tanks and sandals and i love their shopping bags
  4. This is a great store, even down to the customer service.

    They are very fashion savy and up to the minute.
  5. I've never dealt with them personally, but I have only heard good things!
  6. I have fond memories of the store....I purchased my first pair of Seven jeans (first pair of nice jeans) from them when they first came out on the market. Too bad we don't have them in DC.
  7. yes I :heart: scoop!..there bags are cute also =)