Does anyone here sew?

  1. I have always wanted to learn. Is it hard?

    any recs. for a good sewing machine?

  2. I learnt how to sew last year I did a part time course at college it is quite tricky but once you've mastered it its easy :biggrin: we made fun things like a cami, pj shorts and skirt :yes: A good sewing machine is either brother or Paff..
  3. I used to.. a lot, with both a machine and by hand. I found that my home ec class was immensely helpful with the machine, but a lot of the other stuff I found I picked up along the way. I really liked embroidery at on point, but not so much time for it anymore :sad:
  4. I am sorry I couldn't resist, I thought the thread said "Does anyone here screw"? OOPS......
  5. Funny!
  6. Yep, I love hemming my own skirts and jeans.
    As a matter of fact I made an old pair of boot cut jeans into skinny jeans. I tend to buy alot of clothes abit large and I always take it down to fit perfectly because I fit between a small and medium is too big while a small is alittle too tight, so I just buy a medium and I always take it in abit.

    and just last week I made a quick run to the fabric store and i'm planning on making a simple pencil skirt for myself...sometime this week.

    as you can tell..i love sewing!:heart:
  7. i have a sewing machine, yet i don't know how to use it..... i guess i am gonna learn it someday.. hehe..
  8. I haven't sewn in a long time but I went to fabric store a few weeks ago when they were having a sale on 99 cent patterns and fabric was 40 percent off and I bought materials for an apron. I thought that would get my feet wet. the pattern is cut but I'm making a third grade float for homecoming now, so that put everything on hold. Let us see your work when you're finished.

    I want to do what hellosunshine does.
  9. I use to sew a lot but not much these days.. I have this gorgeous silk purple swirl print that I want to make into a halter dress with black or purple trim. Of course thinking isn't the same as doing!

    If you're looking to buy a machine, look in the classifieds for a used one. The older machines were made much better than the newer ones. I tend to go by weight too, as a heavy machine won't "jump" as much while you're sewing. Don't go overboard, new machines these days have way too many buttons and stitches. If I was looking for new, I wouldn't go over a 50 stitch machine, but I would definitely get one that can make buttonholes automatically. And nothing over $250.

    And while learning, start with something easy. As you gain experience, move up to more difficult items. To start, try something made with cotton, not knit, like a skirt or a simple shirt.
  10. I did, back in grade school and high school.
  11. I wish I could so well. I tried to sew pajama pants once. It ended badly.
  12. I taught myself, it's actually VERY easy if you have a user friendly sewing machine.
    I went to my local shop and told them the few things I wanted to be able to do and they recommended the Janome I now have and I leared VERY quickly on it, it's SO super user friendly.
    All you need is for soemone to show you how to thread the bobbin and needle and then you can practice your stitches on scraps.
    I really recommend looking up a local shop and wandering in and let them know you want a starter machine that is easy to learn on and make sure and tell them specifically what you're hoping to use it for, then you'll always have someon local to go to for advice.
  13. That sounds like an excellent idea swankymama. Thanks:flowers:
  14. As an aspiring designer ( i have only been sewing for 3-4 years now) and i addmitt im not that great at it, ensure you pick a VERY easy thing to make first (the first thing i make was a shirt BIG mistake) look the the pattern booklets for things amrked Very easy or 'make in an hour', your looking at bags, pyjamas, maybe a tee, track pants etc. things with simple design. It also helps if you know somone that as i call it 'decode' pattern instructions at times esp. you 1st time it can be very difficult to understand what they mean. AND ask questions as i said the 1st time i sewed anything not only was it a hidous bowling shirt (that was sooo overwhelming at the time) I decided to use the loved fabric of POLYESTER! so even when i thought i looked 'good' at the time loli would sweat a river in it. (i only ever wore it out once) I really look back and say what the hell was i thinking! lol the only reason i keep it is to look at how bad i was when i started (not that im that great now) and so i cna reflect and remember how hard it was the sew a straight line when i first started, threading a mechiene (and bobin) was the end of the world and when i didnt discover the backstitch button and had to turn my whole fabric around lol its still good to realise you mistakes and laugh!!! O/T this im my 1000th post yay!!!!
  15. My grandma taught me the basics when I was about 6 or 7. My first project was an apron for my mom. (Pillows/pillowcovers are also good first projects.) I have been sewing for almost 40 years now, and have made all kinds of things. I love making quilts (have been a quilter for over 20 years - self taught. Attached is a pic of a recent project)

    You can often find beginning sewing classes at sewing/fabric stores or local community colleges.

    Good luck, and have fun!