Does anyone here read ARABIC? Please help a fellow PFer!

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    I'm doing research with a professor, and we're comparing the United Nations Bill of Rights and the United Nations Charter in 6 different languages and publishing a paper on it.

    If any of who can read Arabic, could you please, please, pretty please do me a favor and go to this link:

    Help me find the link for the United Nations Charter. I already have the Bill of Rights. Your reward is my undying gratitude.

    If you can find it, PM me :yes:. Thank you so much! :choochoo::kiss:
  2. The law library of the Library of Congress in DC may be able to help you with this - they have specialists in different countries/regions - if none on the PF can.
  3. PMed ya
  4. thanks to all the ladies who PMed me :heart::love::tender::kiss:!

    i love that it's so easy to find people ready to help here :yes:
  5. PMed you :biggrin:
  6. Aww, the people here are so sweet. I was going to PM you, but it looks like you got it! Good luck with the research.
  7. yeuxhonnetes - I don't know if you saw the bottom of the page, however the site can be translated into 6 different languages including English. or were you just curious who could read Arabic. Be glad to help if you need it. :flowers:
  8. She needed to pull up the text in Arabic, I believe.
  9. Oh, I see, thanks for the clarification ggk84. :smile: