Does anyone here polish their hardware?

  1. I've never done it, but I'm wondering

    a/ When your bag returns from the spa, are all the scratches polished out?


    b/ Does anyone here give their hardware a polish, themselves? Would it work?

  2. I think the hardware polishing must be a special request, because when I got mine back I don't think the hardware was touched.

    re: self-polish--GF, I'm lucky that I know how to operate my laundry machine--polishing hardware is definitely beyond me! :p
  3. Polish??? No...but I do rub fingerprints off w/ an "eyeglass" cloth...
  4. Me neither. I just rub off fingerprints using the end of my blouses/T-shirt.:p (you all heard this one before)
  5. When my Trim came back from the spa, the hardware was gleaming like new -- and it did not look like that when I sent it in, so I was really happy!
  6. I honestly haven't noticed if the hardware is polished when my bags come back from the spa. Do you send yours to Claude, funnyredhed?
  7. OH! This is great news, Funny!
  8. Me too! ;)
  9. I haven't polished the hardware on my Kelly, just got rid of fingerprints with my handkerchief. My Christine, however, has sterling silver hardware which was tarnished when I got it. My SA told me to leave it alone but I couldn't stand it being so dark and so I polished the sliver buttons VERY CAREFULLY with a silver cloth. I managed not to stain the leather and the hardware looks so pretty now.
  10. I used Brasso and Autosol on the Gold Hardware of my bag. It did not remove/lighten the plating. Scratches were still evident, however.....just slightly less visible or obvious.

    But I have to admit the hardware was certainly shinier.
  11. I have a jeweller's rouge cloth. It polishes out surface scratches and tarnish. It really does the trick. The DH gave me a Lowe belt buckle that he had scratched and he was rather upset about. I used the cloth on it and rubbed really hard and the scratches came out! Now he thinks I'm a genius...I won't disabuse him of that notion LOL!
  12. Eyeglass cloth or any soft cloth, but I'm afraid this works only for fingerprints.
    I'm also afraid that if you have scratches on your HW there isn't much to do about that even at H. I once had one very scratched hw part on one of my birkins, and the only thing they were able to do was replace it:s