Does anyone here own the white MC petit Noe??

  1. If so, can you post pictures and maybe on your shoulder so I can get an idea of the size? Or if there is already a thread on this, let me know...I couldn't find one. I'm actually thinking going this route rather than a white mc Speedy....I really don't know if I'd get a lot of use out of the white speedy with all the hardware, it looks like it might be a little too flashy...I don't know, I'm having a dilemma!! :confused1: I know I def. want a white m/c bag and I thought I had my heart set on the speedy (for my 40th b-day next Dec) , but now I'm having doubts....I think I'd get more use out of the Noe. I like that it's a shoulder bag and I like that it has a little slouch to it....I don't really like bags that are too structured. I was just drooling over everyone's Noe in the Noe Club!!!! This forum is dangerous!!!!