Does anyone here own the Saumur?

  1. [​IMG]

    Any thoughts on it?
  2. Is it considered luggage? It seems small enough to be a purse.:shame:
  3. i do i do i do i do.....

    love it, its really cute and fun, the true saddle bag. you will not be disappointed!
  4. I love saddle bags.:love: Would you say that this is a good bag to wear with jeans? Also, can you fit a lot into it?
  5. hello! yes! totally great with jeans and also capris..... i love the two sided deal. lot of room! sooooo many options! and the length of the strap too! oh its great!
  6. Bonjour, is this bag easy to wear as an everyday bag ? I mean that is not really easy to turn side to side to find the purse in a side and anything else in the other one. How can you reconize the part where you put your make up for example from the other one where you put your money ?

  7. Have you ever thought to wear the SAUMUR like this way (no bad idea at all) ?
  8. :nuts: Okay, now I really want one.:love: :lol:
  9. So they changed the design of it slightly...I like it better without that little strip.:cool:, I can't decide between this and the Cabas Piano. I love the fact that the Saumur doesn't have the big piece of naked leather at the bottom. And I never see anyone with one of these.
  10. these are cute and they come in different sizes...i was thinking of getting one for a trip i was going on, but instead got the damier geant messenger. but i know a lady with one and she uses it a LOT!
  11. I have one, it is a really coold bag. You can put alot of stull in the 2 sides. I seem to use it when I go shopping--like my hands free. Loved the picture how you can double fold the handle and use it on you shoulder under your arm. I have had my bag for years and it is still a favorite. I think you will be very happy with it.
  12. that's cute! i really like it with the patina
  13. response to the question about which side is which. one side has the lv up and the other has them down. also, one side has the leather tag. i love the idea of wrapping the handle around twice. (better than the dior? )
  14. I'm wondering why it's listed under luggage on the website. It's only 12"L by 8"H...about the same size as many of the handbags.
  15. Alright ladies...what would you get if you were me (as my first LV): the Saumur or the Cabas Piano? I just love that this doesn't have the naked leather bottom!