Does anyone here own the Mazda CX-7?

  1. I am considering buying this car...

    Also considering the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot. I think the Pilot is a bit too large for me though.

    Any feedback on the Mazda?
  2. A lady I work with has the Pilot and LOVES it.

    I am not as familiar with the other cars, though. Hopefully someone else can be of more help! LOL
  3. Hi Roo. The CX-7 is a GREAT looking car. I was seriously evaluating it when I was looking for a CUV (right before it's release).

    I love Mazda - they make a good car (I've owned three!). What turned me off from the CX-7 was: the 4 banger + turbo (turbo lag) the back seat (tiny!!! but keep in mind I drove a car with NO back seat for 12 years so I was fussy. :yes:) Lastly - the cargo space was smaller (I wanted to be able to haul stuff).

    I ended up with my first choice, a Murano. I love, love, love it (and it works for me) but always turn to look at the CX-7. I say GET IT!!! Zoom Zoom!!!

    Edit: make sure you get one with back-up cam and intelligent key. I was so skeptical of the intel key but can't live w/o it now.
  4. My boyfriend's brother has it and it's pretty nice and comfy.
  5. I have the 1988 Mazda 626.

    Not new, but let me tell you, it still runs like a beauty and is ober comfy!! (So sorry...I'm in a weird funk tonight!!)
  6. My friend has one and LOVES it!

    She test drove almost everything in that class/price range and this was, IHO, the best car for the best price.
  7. I just got the 2007 CX-7 today in silver! Love it so far! I gave my 04 Beetle to my (step)daughter today so this is new car day for all of us! (Isnt my daughter cute? All 6'1" of her) :heart:


  8. She's so cute with her Beetle! Your new car is really pretty. I'd never seen one before that I recall, or at least not noticed it.
  9. Congratulations! I'm considering this car too! I've read great reviews on it- enjoy!
  10. Thanks so much! This car is a fantastic value for the money and with the 0% financing from Mazda, you really can't beat it.

    And my daughter... she's over the moon... she's a teenager, with a car, and it's SUMMER = Paradise!! :p
  11. Congratulations!! Roo the Mazda looks nice! and your stepdaughter looks great with her new car!
  12. i considered the cx-7, but i didn't get it.

    instead i bought a 2005 pontiac GTO. 400 HP & 400 ft lbs of torque :smile: hehe

  13. ^^^

    hey girl, diggin' the muscle car!! Wooo!! :tup:
  14. thank you :smile:
    there were only 368 of mine produced.
    i love it!
  15. Mr Roo was drooling over those when they were introduced, he is an American muscle-car type guy. :tup: