Does anyone here own Dita supa dupa sunglasses

  1. what do you think of them.. are they too big. thanks
  2. I love mine - but they are big and I have big sunglasses, even so I was rather shocked when I got mine (I ordered mine online) but they work on me and it's funny whenever I put them on them I can't help but smile!!
  3. don't have a pair.. do you have any pics of them?
  4. Ooh, these are on my "to-get" list. I want them in the creme/black color option. Girlie, would it be possible for you to post pics of the glasses on you? The size has stopped me from buying them, but I :heart: 'd them on Britney Spears last year. I heard them reffered to as "the hangover glasses", because they hide the eye circles after a late night!!:lol:

    Im between these and a pair of the Dior black ones...although I'm already leaning towards the Supa Dupa 'cos of $$. I currently have oversized Tortoise Oliver People's which I LUUURVE.

    ditasupadupanw2a92e1d.jpg Dita Supa Dupa's on a model

    SupaDupa7700A_blk-crm1.jpg Dita Creme/ Black

    03bspears.jpg Brit's Dita Supa Dupa's
  6. oooh, can't wait to see!!
  7. i have the black dior glossy's and the marc jacobs rachel sunglasses. I really wish i had gotten these instead of the MJ ones (they just don't fit as nicely--) I love the two tone frame (so yummy) and they don't have a big logo on them.

    if you like big sunnies (i do) then you should get them. heck, now i want a pair!
  8. :censor: :censor: Camera's on the bloody blink - give me a day or two to sort it out, I won't forget promise!
  9. dont have one.. but yeah, they look kinda big...
  10. im dying to see, girlie!!:P
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