Does anyone here own both the Legacy Shoulder Bag and Legacy Leigh?

  1. Just wondering how the two compare with regards to weight and size. I have a Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag and I'm eyeing a Leigh if ever I get a PCE for DEcember and I'd like a leather one. But I'm not sure if the Leigh is a lot lot heavier or bigger. The shoulder bag is just perfect for me and after doing some shoulder and arm exercises regularly, i don't get bothered by the weight!:smile:
  2. The leigh is not really that big, it's too small for me, but if you like the shoulder bag you would probably enjoy it...she's beautiful, but not enough drop for me :smile: I guess I will stick to large Carly!
  3. Thanks! I guess it's best to see it IRL then.
  4. I just tried one on the other day and didnt' find it heavy. It was at Nordstrom and they were on sale, I don't remember the exact price but I think around $330.. you may want to check there!! :tup:
  5. I had my heart set on the Leigh until I went into Nordstrom and tried it on. The shoulder strap is too short :sad:
  6. I have the Leigh in cholocate signature, and have the juniper leather shoulder put away for a Christmas gift. I think they are both fairly substantial bags, but certainly not overly heavy. And the Leigh, when I finally started using it, is a bit smaller than I actually thought it was. The strap drop is perfect for me, but I'm only 5" so I'm sure thats part of the reason! They are two of the most beautiful bags that I own (or will own shortly!!)
  7. Funny, I have the Legacy shoulder bag in choco siggy and am eyeing the Leigh in Juniper! Like you, I'm quite short (barely 5') so I think the Leigh strap will be perfect for me.
  8. \
    Great! We'll be making a trip to the mall this weekend and will check out Nordstrom. But I think that is not all good as I'm not ready to spend yet:tdown:
  9. Brandless, go for it! I dont think you'll regret it.