Does anyone here own a Snuggie?!

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  1. The commercials are coming up more and more! I really want one... I want to know if they are warm! lol

    Here's a link for anyone who hasn't seen the amazing commercial
  2. Wow! Now you can look like a medival munk while reaching for the remote and th beer can at the same time! LOL

    sorry, that was just my first reaction. I'm fine with regular plaides really, but I'd love to hear how people are reacting to this.
  3. They look hilarious! LOL but they do look quite warm!
  4. I think they look like people are wearing their bathrobe backwards.
  5. LOL my mom has one :lol:

    It has magical sedative powers. You can be wide awake, but you put it on and you're ready to fall asleep in 5 seconds. It's crazy!
  6. That is exactly what happens at my house...without a spot for arms!!!

    DH really wants one...I don't really care either way! But the do look, uh...interesting!

  7. LOL!!! I think it's a good idea!!!
  8. I don't have one but the commercial always cracks me up.
  9. no but the commercial makes me crack up everytime!!!! :lol:
  10. hahaha..... it just looks like a backwards robe!!!!!!
  11. But won't your butt be cold?
  12. Can't you get the same result with a sweater and a regular blanket? LOL... That just seems so cumbersome.
  13. that looks so dorky but I totally want one.
  14. ^ Haha same here.
  15. You should go for it. I want one too!! :shame:

    They're not bulky or cumbersome at all.. they're very lightweight and snuggly, but VERY warm. Your butt doesn't get cold, because you put it over yourself when you're laying down (like a normal blanket, but warmer because of the sleeves). Also, it's wide enough that you can completely wrap it around yourself before you lay down. When my siblings & I are at my mom's house we fight over who gets to wear the Snuggie! lol :greengrin: