does anyone here loves wristlets?

  1. who among you loves wristlets or uses one on a daily basis? i have one, a coach soho leather and my sister will be sending another one, leather one too, hamptons large wristlet i think that's what it is called.
  2. I do :biggrin: I've always been a sucker for cute little pouches and things. Then again, I also hoard plastic bags, for what it's worth.
  3. I recently rediscovered my love for my signature khaki Coach wristlet. It is the best lil cover case for my girlie products during that time of the month:shame:
  4. I LOVE wristlets. I use them more than i do my bags (because i carry a tote bag most of the day).
  5. I use most of it as my camera holder when I go out and don't want to tote a bag.
  6. I use wristlets or clutches everyday. If I'm going to run errands or go the the gym I use a wristlet. I'm not a fan of huge bags and don't haul a ton of stuff around, so it works well for me.
  7. I like wristlets! I think they're super cute...I have an LV cosmetics pouch that I'm going to transform into a wristlet/small handbag. Other than that, I used to carry one everyday...until I got my new Dooney bag. Hehe.
  8. i like the Coach wristlets. i have the black Optic Signature one, the 2005 Holiday Patchwork one, and the new brown/gold Novelty Patchwork one. i use them when i go out at night to clubs, so that i can attach them to my jeans
  9. I've just discovered wristlets and use my Coach as well for the girlie stuff, especially now that I'm carrying more tote and opened top bags. Don't need that stuff on display or falling out...I have already had a mini pad fly out of a checkbook cover at the grocery store once in my life and that was enough :Push: .

    yay, wristlets!!:yahoo: :heart: :drool: