Does anyone here like the Signature collection?

  1. Through out the years of coach, do you find the signature collection attractive with the logos or do you find it replusive? All opinions appreciated. I am just curious but personally do like some bags of the collection.

  2. I only have two Coach bags, but both are Signature. I don't like the Mini Sig stuff (the small C's are tacky, imo) but I love the medium-large sized Signature print.

    I think the look of the Signature collection all boils down to who has the bag and how they wear it. I've seen a few people with Signature bags who carry themselves in a way that makes it unattractive, if that makes any sense!
  3. I personally am not a fan of signature. I am pretty much a leather purist.
    Coach was originally known as a leather bag maker. It is just in the last
    ten years or so that they have branched out into signature. That being said,
    everyone has their own tastes and alot of people here on the forum love the
    signature lines. If I were to purchase signature it would be chocolate signature.
    If you like it, that is all that matters. I say go for the signature bag of your choice.
  4. At first I did not like the Signature look at all. I have always loved the look of Coach leather and thought it shouldn't be messed with. While I still prefer the leather, I have actually come to like the Signature print and think that some bags are more attractive with the Signature print versus all leather.
  5. I do not like signature and never have. Personally, I do not like advertising with logos of any kind. The only exception is the leather embossed signature line that Coach had a few years back. It was basically accessories and they are so cute. I have collected as many of those pieces as I can get my hands on!

    I know that signature is extremely popular with many on the forum but it is not for me.
  6. Nope - I like leather.
  7. I really like the black-on-black sig and the chocolate sig--I think they are relatively subtle and I like the richness of the color.

    Generally speaking, any other sig for me would be "relegated" to small accessories. I just feel as if I'm being too ostentatious with most sig.

    That's JMO, though!
  8. Yep, I am a siggy lover!!! :tup: I don't love all the signature, like the teeny c's I don't care for and some bags I definately prefer in leather (like ali), I will say I had the large khaki carly and in the large with the light color and the huge c's I did feel like a billboard :rolleyes: but I like the signature!!! :yes:
  9. I do like the signature collection, especially the khaki/black combo, and for years, I only ever owned signature pieces...until this year when I purchased my first leather bag, a whiskey Mandy...and I was hooked! I now only own 1 signature bag...a khaki/black Ali, and the rest of my bags are leather i.e. Lily, Miranda, '06 legacy leather satchel, Mandy, Legacy slim tote. I do still own some signature accesories, like the large beauty case, but honestly, I'm not sure I'll ever go back to buying signature...I'm hooked on the leather! :nuts:
  10. I love both. I dress casually, mostly in jeans and think both look great with them. I tend to get more compliments on my signature bags but thats not why I carry them.
  11. I do like the Signature look. I've only recently begun purchasing Coach bags and so far I have the Med. Carly in khaki/gold, the Signature Stripe Tote in brown/bronze, and just won an eBay auction for the Signature Stripe Tote in black/gunmetal! I have been eyeing some of the leather bags though.....;)
  12. I am a signature lover all the way!!!
    I don't like the leather at all.
  13. I tend to go for the leather bags. I do own a couple of bag from the signature collection but they are in blk and brn. I guess I really don't like to be a walking advertising team with the logos. I feel this way for all brands, not exlusive to coach. I have a few pieces from LV and none of them are from the green monogram line.
  14. I like both the sig and leather. It depends on the bag, some bags look good in signature (like Carly) and other look best in leather (like Legacy). I prefer the darker sigs, like chocolate or black on black. I agree that the lighter ones can seem like a walking adverstisement. However, I do have a khaki/chambray sig Carly that I think is great for spring/summer.
  15. I love the choclate bronze satchel I just got and the denim satchel. They are lighter to carry, and are stress free, but I also have many of the Ergo bags which are beautiful also.....