Does anyone here like the Madison Cafe Carryall?

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  1. And can it be carried as a shoulder bag? I don't hear much about this one but it looks pretty on the web site.
  2. Yes, it can be worn on the shoulder. It's like an E/W version of the Phoebe.
  3. Thanks! Would you consider it more formal than the Phoebe?

  4. I just received mine yesterday. Yes, it is dressier than the Phoebe. It has a more polished look since it is not a hobo style.
  5. What color did you get? Do you love it?
  6. Agreed. The E/W design makes it look dressier to me as well. I personally like pintuck, but in the traditional leather, I really like the new silt color!
  7. Silt is the color I was just looking at online. It looks gorgeous on the web site!
  8. Is it the same soft leather as Phoebe? In photos, it appears to be more structured.

  9. Yes, the same soft leather.
  10. This is simply a gorgeous bag!!! Same beautiful leather as the Phoebe. I got mine in Parchment and can't wait to carry it!
  11. I definitely think its a dressier bag and maybe a more mature bag? Not sure that's exactly the word I'm looking for....very pretty though....just a little plain for me...I think Phoebe has a little more of a casual modern edge to it IMO
  12. I got it in Grey Birch, but the Grey Birch color is not the same shade as my Convertible Hippie in Grey Birch. Not sure if I am okay with that...the Grey Birch Cafe Carryall has a bit of lavender in the color...where as the Convertible Hippie Grey Birch is more taupe. Ugh. I may return it. Not sure.
  13. Well that is frustrating! They are the same collection, you would think the shades would be the same. Since you mentioned the Hippie, can I ask- how does it look with items in it? I love it, but afraid of how it would look on with items in it to look bulky.

    ETA: That is horrible grammar! I hope you understand what I meant, lol!
  14. I have two Phoebes and have been eyeing the Cafe carryall since it's introduction as I felt it has a dressier look and is suitable for work. But the price has remained at published rates for a number of weeks. Is anyone aware of places that is selling this purse at a discounted rate?

  15. I'd agree 100% with this. It's not a 'young' bag at all. Very formal and not in the dressy sense, though it is a dressy bag. IMO, it's a bag that suits someone with a mature sense of style.