Does anyone here like "El Caballo" bags?

  1. I fell in love with El Caballo bags when I lived in the south of Spain, and I prize the few I have for their excellent quality and timeless designs. Sadly, I have never seen these mid-range bags for sale anywhere in North America, and it seems they rarely appear on eBay.
  2. Never heard of the brand before. Any pictures to post?
  3. OMG, i bought an el caballo when i was in the south of spain 5 years ago!!! i ADORE that's so gorgeous, and i get sooo many compliments on it. but sadly, i got caught in the rain with it on its first venture out, before i'd put protector on, and the bag is covered with water spots now. breaks my heart. i still carry it sometimes....but i wish there was a way to repair the poor dear.

    i've never seen these bags in the states, but i'd recommend them VERY highly.....just as long as you waterproof them before you take them out! :smile:

    sigh....this post makes me want to pull her out of the closet & give her another try!
  4. I did a search and this came up, I just saw some of the cutest bags and since I never heard of El Caballo I wanted to check out opinions. The ones I saw looked so well made and are on sale right now. They look good quality from what I can tell by the pics but I just blew some money on boots I didnt need. :sad:
  5. Does this brand have equestrian origins/design features? 'Caballo' is Spanish for horse. Just wondered. Haven't seen any of the bags.
  6. Heather, from what I found searching though I don't know if it's accurate is that they started in Spain producing saddles, tack, and equestrian products in 1892. I'm new so I don't know how to post pics or if i'm allowed to post a link to the site where I saw the bags. The ones I saw were just nice simple leather bags with a structured shape (rectangle and square) in brown or black leather they were thin, with a very small logo and a combo lock.
  7. Ah, saddles, tack, etc...Sounds nice. I quite like horsey bits!
  8. I just found some on Yoox. I can't get link to work for some reason, but if you go to, select bags and change to fall/winter collection, el caballo will come up in the list of designers.