Does anyone here know about dressmaking?

  1. Just wondering - can you make the armholes higher in a jacket that has raglan sleeves? :shrugs:
  2. I can't even sew on a button so I am no help LOL Best bet is to just phone a dressmaker and ask them for advice.
    Good luck with it. :smile:
  3. My mom was very good at dressmaking, and I've done some. Raglan sleeves are a little difficult to handle because narrowing the armpit w/o unpicking means that the sleeves get narrower, KWIM? Else the sleeves have to be takin off and the body of the jacket narrowed.

    If it's not possible to take in some fabric from the body it's hard to do anything because basically the armholes are where they are, and short of adding an extra piece of material they can't be raised.

    This is just from what I've done, so a professional dressmaker might be able to help much more!
  4. merika is right, if you raise the armholes the sleeves will become very narrow at the top. But you should take the dress to your tailor and ask them for a quote.
  5. Thank Girls!