Does anyone here have this heritage stripe bag? should I buy ? need advice! >> PIC >>

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  1. I can get this bag for $240, is that a good price? is this bag heavy? does anyone have any modeling pics or own this bag and love / hate it??
    any advice would be wonderful thank you!! :smile::smile:

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  2. I have the tote version in the same color and I LOVE it and could not live without it. I say go for it!!!
  3. I like the tote version too, I want it for an everyday type of bag that goes with everything. hmm maybe the tote version is more casual and this one can be both casual and dressy??
  4. I've actually never seen this bag IRL do you know when it came out?
  5. it came out in fall of 2008
  6. I have it in the khaki/plum version and LOVE it. It's big, and can get heavy if you load it up, but as long as you don't do that you should be fine. I can wear it over the shoulder if I need to, but it's most comfortable on the arm IMO...
  7. Oh - and DH calls it my suitcase. LOL
  8. Hi Angie! then it must be big! or maybe you are just petite? lol
    have you seen the tote in this style, is the tote smaller? also is this a good price for it $240?
  9. Well, I'm 5'2", if that helps... Have you seen a lindsay IRL? I remember seeing one of those and thinking it was about the same size...
    And yes, $240 would be a pretty good price... If I remember correctly, it was $498...
    It wasn't in all of the stores - my store didn't get it - they had to order it for me and the SAs went NUTS. I think only the larger stores got it maybe??
  10. yes ive seen the lindsay I thought it was very heavy! but not too big, im 5''5 :smile: do you think they weigh the same?
    thanks for your info!
  11. No problem!! I'm glad to help!! Maybe I should have said this - it's bigger than the bags I usually carry :smile: I'm guessing it's lighter b/c of the coatedcanvas... I would think that the leather would be heavier???
  12. ya youre probably right, but im thinking the purple might be nice too for a change from my usual browns! I bet it looks great. :smile:
  13. oh I love that color too! thanks I may have to bid now lol
  14. I am now falling in love with this style but i perfer the Hobo. Though that one is at a very good price point and just lovely... If it is heavy with out your stuff you need to figure out if you will wear it.