does anyone here have the Manolo Blahnik Ringo Strappy heels?

  1. hello there ladies!

    i'm quite new to this forum (i'm always stuck on chanel and balenciaga lol) but have been lurking around! :graucho:

    i would like to seek some help/advice from you...

    i've been eyeing on these MB ringo patent heels forever and was wondering if any of you ladies owns them. i would love to know how the fit is (do they fit well and flattering?), whether or not it is comfortable and do they run TTS? more intel would be lovely!

    i've never owned a pair of MB so i really don't know how the sizing is. :confused1: i'm usually a EUR 37 - 37.5 and an IT 36.5 - 37. what do you think?

    kindly advise please! TIA! :smile:
  2. I had the black ringo heels. I heard the nude ones were from last season and they were sold out a long time ago. I dont think they are available. They retail for $585 and run TTS.
  3. ^ there are 36.5 and 37.5 left. which size do you think i should take since i'm a size in between and really want to get them but there's no size 37??
  4. Get the 37.5. If it's tight your toes will stick out like this
    It wont be as bad but you know what I mean....
    If I could, I would have taken the 6.5 because you don't want your toes to be spilling off the edge. that was the problem with mines

    ^^ hers is not that bad but mine was If it turns out to be a little big then you could add a clear gel insole. With all those straps going on with those shoes, you won't be able to notice it. Its a lot better than going 1/2 size down.
  5. I love this shoe also and have been considering getting a pair. I am just worried that all those straps are going to cut the line of my leg and make my legs look stubby. I do love this style so I would appreciate modeling photos.
  6. hsl521: i don't quite understand what you mean:

    "Get the 37.5. If it's tight your toes will stick out like this
    It wont be as bad but you know what I mean....
    If I could, I would have taken the 6.5 because you don't want your toes to be spilling off the edge. that was the problem with mines."

    you mean you took a pair in size 36? but wouldn't it be a little loose and my toes would start running all over too? i thought tighter fit would be better, no? should i take half size up since the rule of thumb is to take a larger size than a smaller size? but then again, these are strappy heels. i don't know how they work because i don't have any strappy heels as of now. i have long toes (i used to be a ballerina so my toes aren't very pretty lol esp my 2nd toes are longer than the 1st!!) and slim feet so what do you think? 37.5 works better? if it's loose, what do i do? :confused1:
  7. yea i edited my previous post. what I meant was that if you go 1/2 size down, your toes will end up spilling on the sides. It's a little hard to explain. like the first strap around the toe area, you see its an "x". Your pinky toe might spill out of that "x" if its too tight. I know, i dont make any sense but do you get what I mean? haha sorry for the confusion
    I took the 36 because it was the last size but I would have taken the 36.5.
    Maybe its just me. I am speaking from my own experience.
  8. HSL, please post modeling photos of your ringos!
  9. Kamilla, I wish I could but I had to let em go:crybaby:
  10. ^ why so? because they are too tight for you? oh man, what a pity! the black ones are much hotter than the ones in nude! ;) looks like i am gonna seek your advice in taking a size 37.5 and if they feel weird, i could put a gel slip! wish me luck! :graucho:
  11. What size are you in CL's (can you give me the size & style name)? Based on that I think I can do a better job of figuring out your MB Ringo size. I have the Ringo's in nude and actually found them to be a bit wide/a tiny bit big....but probably b/c I'm used to narrowly-cut CL's.
  12. Foxy - please post some modeling photos :happydance:

    Ladydeluxe, I always think that it is best to size up when choosing between 2 sizes that are not just right for you. But I have never tried this shoe on so I can't give you specific details or opinions.
  13. foxycleopatra: i am a size 37 for CL's miss boxe patent black wedges (which are the perfect size for me, but they did stretch over time so now it's a little loose) , a pair of 37.5 in prive nude satin and black lace (of which i had to send to cobbler's because the heel grip was loose and i had to custom make leather heel grips). what do you think? i have very slender/slim feet and long skinny toes, so i don't know if 37.5 would be a tad large on me. i'm used to narrowly-cut shoes as well, what do you think?

    edited: my right foot measures 9" exactly from my longest 2nd toe to the end of my foot and 9 1/4" to the heel on flat ground. about 4" below my toes (the start of my bunion since i have them) across to the other end, if you get what i mean?

    ps: are the ringos in the link i gave in nude or beige? the buckle seems to be darker than the buckle on the rose nude ones. i'm quite puzzled :confused1:
  14. I think you should get 37 in these....if that's not available then 36.5. I wear 36.5 in Miss Boxe (36 also fits but hurts like hell as that size is too tight), 36-36.5 in Prive's.....and in MB Ringo I'm 35.5-36. I think with this shoe in particular if it's too big it just doesn't look right and makes it even harder to walk in.

    Ask NGG for the insole measurements for 36.5 & 37.5 for comparison.....that would be helpful.
  15. ^ i personally think for open toe shoes, it's pretty alright to go half a size down since they're open toes and strappy, they wouldn't be that tight on me, no? but i can't say for sure, there isn't any 37, if there is it'd be ideal! i'd probably ask for measurements!! ;)

    how high are they anyway? are the shoes in the link in nude color?? :confused1: