Does anyone here have the Chanel Cotton Club Reporter??Fit?

  1. Hello,

    For some reason...I'm all of a suddenly in love.

    Now what I am wondering is (since it is smaller then the cambon medium (which i know it looks ok on me)....How does the cotton one look on??

    Is the leather durable?
    Has there been any issue?


    and if you have by any chance a picture of you carrying it, would be wonderful!
  2. I had one in the teal blue, it is in the reference section. I ended up returning it because of the bulkiness when worn over the shoulder. Also one of the straps kept falling off, that really annoyed me. The leather is stiffer than the Cambon. I think it's an adorable bag, but I think the price is too high, $2795 I believe.
  3. yea thats what i'm worried about....i know with the cambon was a bit uncomftorable.....hmmm
  4. Hi, Miss V: I don't have the cotton club reporter, but I do have the silver cotton club bowler so I can comment on the leather :smile: There is some kind of coating on the leather. The leather seems to be stronger than the cambon ones & it doesn't scratch as easily as the cambon.
  5. Oooh thanks!! I just have to hunt one down
  6. Yup i have the bag that you're looking for:woohoo:....i feel so blessed getting it without a hustle....
  7. I have the Cotton Club Reporter in white/silver. It's pretty durable because the leather has this sort of waxy coating on it that prevents scratches. My complaint is the weight of the bag though. It is heavy, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear on the shoulders or on the crook of your arm. Most of the time I have to just hold it like a handbag. I wish they had put a leather shoulder pad on it like on the Expandable.