Does anyone here have one of these wallets?

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  1. I want this like crazy but would like some reviews from you gals who have one. Is is super big? Is it functional? etc... Thanks!

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  2. I have a larger one and love it
  3. I have a leather one shaped like that...I really like it. It holds a good deal for what it is.

    Size comparisons...that is a violet 6"by4" wristlet near it.

  4. I have this exact item and I love it! It holds a lot and matches my black and gunmetal bags perfectly. I would highly recommend it! I've had it for quite awhile now and it has held up well.
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. I have a black patent one and it is what I use with my swingpack because there isn't enough spots for my regular stuff on a daily basis. I love it though
  7. i actually have this wallet *plus* the wristlet and i love both of them ~ the print is gorgeous and it's really versatile ~ the compartments inside are great!

    definitely agree with jessabelle1975 ~ it definitely holds a lot and matches gunmetal great, as well as black! i have used both pieces separately as wristlets and they work perfect when you don't want to or need to carry a full bag!

    hope this helps! :smile:
  8. I have a leather one, like PCL-- they really hold a lot for a small wallet! I'm going to use mine for school, so I don't have to take my GIANT wallet every day.
  9. It's a nice size for a small wallet. I don't use mine daily because it doesn't have enough card slots for everything I carry. But, I agree it holds a lot for a small wallet.