Does anyone here have one of the WHISTLE Bags?

  1. Okay ... I admit :shame: ... I've been "eyeing" one, but as I'm not as familiar with this style I was wondering:
    1. Does anyone here have one (or more)?
    2. Which Size, color?
    3. Do you like them?
    The one I'm looking at is the Medium size, which concerns me because I'm a Weekender-size gal. Would a Medium Whistle be too small???
  2. I have a whistle bag. It is the small size, black leather. I am totally in love with it.

    However, if you are a weekender size gal, the medium might be too small for you. I would venture to say its measurements are close to that of the Twiggy. If you want a smaller bag for going out to a club or something, though, medium whistle would fit the bill.

    I have pictures of it in another thread... I will search for it and give you the link.
    Edit-here is the link Is this unusual
  3. As a point of reference, here are some pics of these style bags (photos from atelier.naff):

    1st - LARGE-size Whistle (:heart: LOVE this color - Rouge Vif of course!)

    2nd - MEDIUM-size Whistle

    3rd - SMALL-size Whistle (way too small for me!)
  4. Thanks "echo" ... whenever I've seen these bags, I've always just DROOLED over the leather (much thicker than the Motorcycle bags). Yeah ... the size of the Medium is holding me back ... that's the ONLY thing!! Then again, I do have two of the Aviators ... which ARE NOT big, but I use them for "special" occasions only!
  5. I also forgot to say that I tend to prefer bigger bags too, as I am 5´9 and not too thin. I was pleasantly surprised with how well the small whistle fit my style, my stuff, and complemented me. I did not find it too small.

    You should try it on, if you can, before you purchase.
  6. Ah well ... then you and I are much alike ... I'm 5'10" (in stocking feet), and certainly not a size zero (where did they ever come up with that anyhow - zero is NOTHING?!?!!?) - more like a 10/12 (darn-it; too many stops as the Patisseries!).

    Everytime at Barneys, I look them over & over ... I think the S/A's are about ready to say "BUY IT ALREADY"!!!!
  7. I'm looking at the whistle bags too. I posted a thread about it last week. there was a beautiful indigo blue whistle bag on eBay. I couldn't make up my mind in time and now it's gone :sad: . So now I need to make up my mond about really buying one. So you think the leather is nice, thick and smooshy??
  8. The leather on mine is TDF. I don't have any other Balenciaga to compare to, but it's extremely soft, smooshy and only slightly shiny. It makes you want to squish it.
  9. I saw a whistle in "cream" and it's soooooo TDF!!! the leather soooo thick and smooshy and the color!!!! I'm hoping Bal will do the motorcycle bags in cream....

    but does anyone find the whistle openings a little difficult? cos the zip can be "separated"?