Does anyone here have Extreme Lashes?

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  1. Extreme lashes are like hair extensions, but on your eyelashes. Each eyelash is glued on individually to your own natural eyelash. They last until your eyelashes fall out naturally. Eyelash fills are done every 3-4 weeks.

    I had this done about a month ago and I find that my extreme lashes are falling out even without my natural eyelash falling out. Does anyone here who have this have this problem too? Also some of my extreme lashes are starting to go sideways. Should I quit these extreme lashes or give it some more time?
  2. Sorry don't know anything about it :S
    but I'm sure someone will ^_^
  3. I did this earlier this year. Biggest waste of money IMO. I had to go every 10 days to get touchups. I had them in for about 6 weeks until I couldn't take it anymore. I liked them for the first week though.
  4. I've never had them done as it seems to me like they would harm your natural eyelashes and when you finally take them out, you'll be worse off... Just my impression; I could be completely wrong!
  5. I think I'll keep them and do fills until all those darn Christmas parties are over. I'm getting use to my lashes being long and dark. When I see my natural lashes, they seem so short now. But then my natural lashes are starting to get thicker. It's like shaving your head and your hair grows back thicker (I've done that too, long story).