Does anyone here have arthritis?

  1. Does anyone here have arthritis? How do manage you pain, anything you swear by? I hate mornings. Trying to get up. I am always so stiff, the pain in my muscles and joints is just sometimes to much to handle, so debilitating that I can't even get up.
  2. What form of arthritis do you have? I have OA and fibro and I agree, mornings are the worst. I do stretching exercises in bed before I even get up. Can you talk to your dr. about this? sometimes they aren't much help for this kind of pain and stiffness.
  3. I used to have psoriatic arthritis really bad at 13, it began then and got very severe by age 15, now I'm 20 and over the last three years it improved dramatically, the weather affects for sure. Last year I wasn't able to write and this year my fingers are doing a lot better.

    I never took any medication but I was diagnosed and it affected areas like fingers, toes, spine (yeah at 14 I wasn't able to get out of bed).
    Thank God now it's in the past.

    My aunt has OA, I think she's on meds to help.
  4. I'm sorry to her that you are suffering with arthritis. I'm taking Celebrex for my pain and stiffness in my knees (from injuries) and for my right shoulder. I was just talking to my Mom about it tonight during dinner. She has pain pretty much all over and you're right, mornings are terrible. I have to stretch my legs and knees and lift up my right arm to get my shoulder to move. I hobble around in the morning while feeling twice my age. (How I wish I could walk without pain...but I'm thankful that I can walk) I recently got an exercise bike which I have been faithfully using in hopes that it would help my knees but I don't see any improvement. In fact, they almost seem to hurt more. My right knee injury occured in Sept. during work so workmans comp is paying for my meds. I don't know how I'm going to afford it when my benefits run out as I understand it is quite expensive. Heat does not seem to help but for me, ice makes it feel better since I have so much inflammation. Celebrex really seems to help but it is rough on your stomach and has to be taken after your meal. I hope that you are able to find relief and are feeling better soon.
  5. I was diagnosed with rheumatiod arthritis about 2 years ago. As most people know, it is an auto-immuine disease. Meaning, it will never go away, but I was lucky enough to get on Enbrel, an anti TNF drug (tumor necrotizing factor). I have pretty much zero symptoms, and I did not have any degeneration of the joints as I got on shortly after my diagnosis.
  6. I have degenerative disc disease & osteoarthritis which affects my entire spine, my left leg, my shoulders, and recently my elbows, wrists and fingers. I was diagnosed at 30, and 9 years later I feel like an old woman. Exercise (and lots of it) has been the main thing that has helped me continue moving and living a fairly normal life. I herniated a disc in July and haven't been able to do my regular exercises, so I am not moving well these days. My doctor just recomended an exercise video - Pilates for Inflexible People. I just got it yesterday and haven't tried it yet, but I have high hopes. I always have a harder time in the winter, so I'm hoping I'll bounce back in the spring!
  7. Oh - and DH and I ordered a new mattress yesterday. It is endorsed by the American and Canadian Chiropractic Associations, and my doctor recommended it too. I have been sleeping with boards under my side of the bed for months, so I have big time high hopes for this mattress! It is supposed to help with morning stiffness and pain.
  8. ^^Also, consider that many people have a sensitivity to plants in the nightshade family.
  9. Irishgal: Happy you got on the right treatment early. Makes all the difference in the world. I was the Assistant Director of Clinical Trials at a hospital in NYC and we were one of the first sites to trial Enbrel in patients with RA long before it was available to the public. It truly is a wonder drug for some!

    I was diagnosed with Lupus a short while ago. Still trying to come to terms with having it and the Rheumatologist is trying to find the right combination of drugs to keep it under control. Although the symptoms of RA and Lupus are virtually the same, Enbrel doesn't seem like the drug of choice for Lupus.

    Sorry for all of you out there suffering with various forms of arthritis. I agree, the mornings are the worst! Especially with a 2 year old son who's full of energy first thing in the morning!
  10. I have severe arthritis in one of my ankles. It's probably due to all the running I used to do. The MRI showed extensive erosion and I was in excrutiating pain. I have a prescription for Naproxyn (sp?) and it works like a dream. I did get one injection of something (I can't remember what it was called) and it worked really well too, but wore off after about three months so I went back to the medicine.
  11. Holy Cow! I love tomatoes and eat lots of foods prepared with tomatoes and tomato juices. I also eat lots of citrus fruits. Wow - I'm going to have to make some changes.
  12. I have arthritis, it gets pretty bad in my knees. I'm able to keep it at bay by taking a powder supplement that I put in a 16 ounce bottle of cold water daily. It's called Regenicare and it's available by mail order only. It has restored my mobility. That, and keeping up with exercise helps too.
  13. My mum has sever arthritis & I already have joint stiffness :sad: There is alternative medicine Glucosamine which is supposed to work wonders for lubricating the joints. Other recommendation is Cod Liver Oil.
  14. I know. Diet has such a huge impact on our bodies and our health, including things we don't usually associate with food (fat cholesterol). I myself make it a huge point to eat healthy and research everything that goes into my body and it has made a big impact on the way I feel each day.....just imagine how great I'd feel if I could get myself to exercise!:p