Does anyone here have a Versace bag?

  1. Have never seen anyone mention Versace bags and wonder if anyone has one. I just bought a gorgeous deerskin black tote and it is TDF!
  2. Congrats!!! I have never owned a Versace bag, but my mother owns one and it is awesome as well. She has more of a vintage Versace, which is even more fun!! The quality of those bags is fantastic and they are such a classic.

    Have fun with her!!!
  3. No i wish to have one.

  4. This one is so great, I had seen it on the NM website. However, the one that NM has seems to have gold hardware and (I bought mine at the Versace boutique) mine has silver which I much prefer. (It is the hobo in deerskin on NM website).
  5. Congrats on your bag!
  6. I have an older Versace, the biker model with big silver studs that Madonna has been seen with. It has great pebbled leather.
  7. I have a few Versace bags and love them!

    Feel free to post some photos! :yes:
  8. yes, i just bought a versace madonna bag, its sooo nice! [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
    thats the picture of my purse...