Does anyone here have a Patchwork Tote?

  1. Im thinking of buying one off a online friend but im having mixed feelings about it. If you have any pictures of it with stuff in it/ could tell me how much stuff you can fit in it, It would be appreciated !!
  2. Which one? I have the indigo patchwork tote from just recently. I don't have any photos with stuff inside though. I can fit a ton in it. I don't carry much more than a wallet, cell phone, sometimes my ipod, gum and lip gloss so I end up having to dig for it all because of the size of the bag.


    Another one of the patchwork styles that I love is the large duffle type bag. I have the one from summer(?) '05. It's nearly my favorite bag. So easy to dump things into, throw it on my shoulder and go.

  3. Im looking into the hamptons one. From this past summer. But the indigo patchworks are starting to grow on me ;]
  4. I'm a sucker for the patchwork bags/accessories. I have way too many. :yes:
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Blahh by the way, thats the bag Im debating weather or not to get. Also, is it real or a replica, The girl says its real but ehh, I havent seen one in person.
  7. The one in the pic looks fake to me (the hamptons one)
  8. you're right. it is.
  9. Alright. Thanks girls!! I thought it was weird she was selling it for 55 dollars and it was "REAL".
  10. That ones definitely fake. I don't have pics with stuff in my holiday patchwork gallery tote from last year...but my laptop fits in it with all the other little things I carry too....wallet, planner, 2 cell phones, ipod.....