Tech Does anyone here have a Mac?

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  1. What do you think about it? Love it or hate it? Is it easy to use?

  2. luv luv luv my mac
    I want to get the new one that has windows in it too so my hubby can use it.
    right now I have a dual drive mirror door with a cinema screen. by far the best investment I have ever made.:yes:
  3. moi moi moi!

    i loveeeeeeeeee my 20" flat screen on a dome CPU (the screen is movable)

    g4 imac.

    love love love it

    and i got it, as a floor model from a school, when they switched to the g5 floor model

    for $1,000!

    brand new. super cheap. super happy me.
  4. My boyfriend has a mac mini (which wonderful me got for him :P ) and it's the most quiet computer EVER!! You can't hear a sound from it!

    Anyways, I love it but I am too use to windows to convert. I'll have to look at that new mac that Chag is talking about
  5. I use Mac laptop. The best thing ever! I'm always the Apple girl @ :heart:
    So reliable, considering its on 24/7
  6. ^Heard that! I don't know that I have ever shut mine down! Except to move!!
  7. I love LOVE my POWERBOOK G4!!! Its the best computer i've ever had!!!!
  8. Love it!
    I use a PC at work, and a Mac at home. A Mac is so much easier to use.
  9. Forgot to add - and better looking too!
  10. Less likely to pick up viruses also! I love my macs!
  11. We have an imac g5 with a large flat 1680 x 1050 screen. It's super awesome. Before that we had an earlier model imac for 7 years and never had to spend one dime on it.

    I also just recently got a mac powerbook laptop with the intel chip. It's fantastic. :heart: Mac computers (no virus problems,) but I use pcs at work. :P
  12. I have a 12" ibook G4 and I love it. It has a little home too, a juicy couture laptop case. I love my laptop to death. It was my first laptop and first mac. I got very used to my mac very quickly, and now PC's confuse me! I think mac's are much more user friendly than macs. My boyfriend has a dell laptop - and it just confuses the hell out of me. Not to mention I find the apple laptops are better built. The keys are very quiet and suave, while I've dropped the thing a bajillion times and it still looks brand new. I love, love, love my mac.
  13. while i don't recommend dropping them (or spilling diet coke in them on the plane :whistle: it did wake up after a couple of days), they're fantastic. but i've been apple's ***** for over 10 years already, my first computer ran os7.6 :lol:
  14. I had a similar experience with my last Mac (ibook). I spilled melted sorbet in it. Apple sent me a new keyboard for free, and it was perfectly fine.

    I've been a mac user for 7 years now (on my third), and I love them. I hate using PCs... macs are so much prettier. And, like others, I will leave it on for weeks at a time, even though it is a laptop that I carry around everywhere.

    One thing I will say, and this probably applies to any brand of laptop, is get the AppleCare extended warranty! My current PowerBook and my last iBook both had hard drive failures that required replacing the entire HD. It's a pain, but if you have the AppleCare, it's free. I have found their tech support to generally be pretty good. I wouldn't switch to a PC.
  15. Mac's are genius machines. Vlad swears by them and because he is a computer Guru- I now have a Mac, my brother has a Mac, my sister has a Mac, my parents house has a Mac. They are amazing.