Does anyone here have a LV mini sac?

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  1. I wanted to see how small the LV Mini Sac really is.
    Does anyone here have one?
  2. Supposedly you can fit a lot in the Mini Sac despite its small size. I wonder if that's true? They're supercute, but I don't think I'd ever buy one. I hate it when my stuff is crammed into my bag and I can't get anything out of it easily.
  3. I see more people carrying it now. Its adorable but does look too small for me.
  4. i looked at it at the lv boutique and it is tiny. i wouldn't even know what to do with a small purse like that. a mini wallet, a cell, keys ad it's full.
  5. Is the mini Ribera just as small or bigger, does anyone know?
  6. I would love to see someone holding it, or with something to compare it too. It looks darling!!
  7. the mini ribera is bigger.
  8. Yeah, the mini Ribera is much roomier than the mini HL sac, and it looks more like an actual purse. Personally, I think the mini HL looks really disproportionate on an adult woman.
  9. Can the mini Ribera hold your basics too, obviously not a laptop, files, etc but just your basics (i.e. -- cell,compact,keys,sunglasses,lipstick)?
  10. The mini Ribera is bigger and it's really really cute but too pricey for such a small size. I think it's about $700? I really wanted one but just can never bring myself to it. Maybe some day... some day...
  11. My aunt got the monogram mini sac when it was ALOT cheaper yrs ago. I'm always fascinated by how much stuff she can put into it! I see her pulling out her wallet, keys, lipstick, etc. and I'm always asking her HOW she does it. She'll just smile and say "you'll be surprise..." I'm hoping she'll give it to me someday. lol But then she got a daughter so I think my chance of getting one is rather slim. :sad:
  12. umm the mini sac is really mini..
    i personally dont like it.
    like all i could fit in it is my ipod and cell
  13. Used to. BUt it is really really tiny.
  14. The mini HL was my first LV (I've since sold it) - I'd say you can fit a good amount of small things in it, like a cell phone, lipstick, very small wallet, etc. I loved it but it just wasn't practical for me.