does anyone here have a hudson, or just want to give input on one??

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  1. i'm so in love with the hudson - it's just such a gorgeous bag. i literally have to pick it up and play every single time i walk into a store that carries it.

    does anyone here have one? do you love it as much as i expect i would? it seems like it would be a really versatile piece because of the stripe details - very 'go with everything.'

    also, what do you think about its staying power in terms of style? i can't decide if it's a style i'd still be able to carry in several years.....any thoughts??

    thanks, ladies! [​IMG]
  2. I have one..Its truly TDF IRL..I personally only like the Chili color though...
  3. Hudson's a sharp bag, go for it if you love it! =)
    Which color are you thinking of?
  4. i want the dark brown with the khaki stripes. i am so in's a little pathetic, really :smile: the chili is great, but since i just got the diane and bought a michael kors skorpio bag in brown a couple of months ago, i think i should venture out of that color category. plus, i think the chocolate color is just amazing.

    hmm, maybe it will go on sale?! what do you guys think ?? :angel:
  5. Hudson is very popular right now. I'm not sure if they will go on sale anytime soon :crybaby:. I really like it too and thinking about saving my money to get one myself. The dark brown is very pretty. I'll probably go for either brown or black.

    Where do you think you're gonna get your Hudson?
  6. I think Hudsons will sell out before the sales start... It seems to be a very popular bag. I think it's great eye candy.
  7. The Hudson seems like a very versatile bag...and so many color combinations to choose from! I think the basic shape and concept is classic, so I would say that it has lasting power.
  8. It's gorgeous! I think the all black one will have more lasting power, but the 2 color combos are cuter :smile:

    My only reserve about this bag is that it's so heavy. It's heavier than even the Venetia! I love the bag and was literally about to buy it - TODAY - but decided against it because I think it weighs too much.

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. lol, mich327...and see, my only reservation was the $1300 :smile:

    i hadn't considered the weight, but that's worth considering. i know my diane tote is actually really heavy, which i hadn't realized until i tried to pack it around the city one day :smile: is that just standard for MJ?

    chloe, i'm thinking i'll buy at Saks - their customer service is annoying me right now, but i have a decent-sized gift cert, which would help a lot with the purchase :smile:

    lordie i want it....patience, patience.
  10. It's really pretty, but yes, it's big, and NO, you can't wear it over your shoulder. So if you plan on even filling the bag half full it will be very very heavy.

    The smaller one (? Trish ) has a strap and is equally pretty.

    That's my two cents.

    Also, if you can find someone on the thread who had a Bloomingdales order cancellation to get it for you off the web site, you can get 40% off.
  11. ooh, really? awesome - i'll have to beg around a little!

    the heaviness thing does concern me.....but it's just gorgeous. what to do...
  12. i originally fell in love with the hudson, but ended up with trish. trish felt younger to me and easier to carry because of the shoulder strap. that said, the hudson is gorgeous.
  13. I have the chesnut one with the black stripes & I feel it is the most versitile because it goes with everything. I love this bag, it's gorgeous. I wear it over my shoulder with no problems at all!!