Does anyone here feel like...

  1. ...their bag is naked without some sort of accessory on it? Before coming on this forum, a LV bag alone was a good enough accessory for my outfit...but after all the pics of scarves, charms and keyrings on bags, I now feel almost compelled to have something on my bag! It's just not the same if I don't accessorise my accessories anymore :p

    Perfect example: just got a Damier Speedy 30 on Friday night and realised that none of my bandeaus really go with it well, so now I'm thinking of either getting a matching luggage tag for it or the choc denim bandeau...:push:

    Anyone else feel like this? Who was the first person to tie a bandeau on their LV anyway? Damn that person! :p
  2. I got a multicolore pastilles keychain from my DH on our 1st anniversary, I'm really thankful coz it goes very well with most of my bags, I always put it on my speedy and batignolles. I sometimes hang pomme cles on my bags too, when I carry my bags without these accessories, I feel like they are naked too. That's funny.
  3. totaly. my bag looks naked enough just with a luggage tag on it. my pomme cles looks great on my mono speedy.
  4. Pomme looks great on all the Lv's, let's face it!
  5. I love to add to my lvs.
  6. Yep, before I got to this forum I would've never thought of it, but now I want some Cles or a bandeau for my upcoming Speedy!
  7. I'm with ya, hon. My LV's are all charmed since I joined tpf...adding 2 other charms on my purchase list and deciding on which bandeaus to get. hee hee:love:
  8. I like my bags plain. The only bag that has a charm on it is my azur speedy 30.
  9. I am starting to warm up to the idea of decorating my bags. I don't have anything YET. I really like the multicolore pastilles. I think I am going have to break down and get one or something else.
  10. for me it depends heavily on the bag. I don't think my DG messenger needs any type of adornment, but f.ex the Keepal og pochette melville I usually add something. If it's not too impractical anditsuits the design naturally I usually add something.
  11. Same here..I ALWAYS put a charm on my BH now, but I usually go without one on my Speedies or Pochettes, etc.
  12. I love bag charms, but only use them on the LV's . I love the glitter key holder on my epi passy, love hanging a cles, love the fluers.
  13. Im not a fan of anything on my bags, I like them plain. JMO.
  14. I like my bags plain, JMHO...BUT I am in awe of how well everyone here accessorizes their bags! for me I would just be worried the scarf/charm would get snagged, get dirty, get caught on something, fall off...that's just my klutzy side I guess, ha!
  15. I feel the same way :p I never thought about decorating an accessory with an even smaller accessory until I came on here lol. The scarves look gorgeous! I'd be too scared of losing/breaking the charm to hang an expensive one on my bags though :x