Does anyone here ever SELL on eBay in an eBay-Store?


hubba hubba ;)
Sep 23, 2006
NYC metro-area
Just wondering if the fees would be worth it?
I have the small business as listed in my signature, and I am not really selling in large quantities.

Just wondering what you think if you are a shop owner and use eBay as an outlet.


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
With the new BIN rules, it might be cheaper to do the new BIN auctions that they are going to push.

It might be worth it to have a store if you have really hard to find items.


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
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I have an eBay store for my POP ART listings, and now I will be rethinking whether or not it'll be worth it with the new fee structure for fixed priced listings, which all of mine are. I guess we shall see. The only advantage that I liked was I could offer several auctions for 30 days and several quantity for 3¢, but obviously you can't solely use your store because you won't get any exposure to it. You need regular auctions outside of your store so you can be searched and hope that people will peruse your store. Otherwise, it isn't worth it.

I guess it all depends on what you're selling, too. Lots to think about before the changes in Sept.