Does anyone here blog? Thoughts and opinions needed

  1. Hey everyone looking for some thoughts and opinions....and maybe some stories about your blogs:smile:

    My scoop...I have a defuct blog (not a fashion blog) just a kinda random my life and more ;) blog. It got to be fairly popular at it's peak last summer (about 20,000 hits a day...of course no where near tPB...but not bad for a little one off 'my so called life' type of blog).

    My quandry....I am thinking of reviving it, or starting a new one....but I am not sure I want to....I really miss it and miss writing for it, but it does take time and commitment, I am not sure I am up for that. Then if I do decide to start blogging again, not sure if I want to revive the old one or start from scratch. One the one hand, it would be very easy to pick up the old one, which still is getting about 1,000 hits a day (surprising, since I haven't blogged in over 6 months) or start fresh, something appealing about starting off with no preconcieved expectations, kwim?

    Sorry, to be so long winded...I guess I am just looking for some input from those of you that do blog, or are thinking about it....
  2. I think it's worth it! And I'd definitely restart the old one since you already have a built0in reader base. I myself am thinking of starting one- do you have any advice (which service, advertising, etc.)?
  3. 20,000 hits! I blog but don't get too much traffic. It's fun though! Do it! And gimme advice!
  4. i happen to make one just for fun.
    it consists of my fave bags :p
  5. I do have a blog that is not very clever or interesting but I like to update it with pictures of the mundane! Its mostly me lamenting about coworkers or bags or art journals.
  6. i have one that i use as kind of a creative outlet (i used to be a writer, and that i also use as a dumping ground for things that i think are cute/fun/stylish. i know what you mean - i really enjoy it when i want to write for it, but i hate the "crap, i have to think of something to blog about" feeling i get on days when i just have nothing to say.

    i guess i think that if you enjoy it and it makes you happy, you should do it on those terms. don't let it become an obligation. you're not doing it for money - you're doing it for happiness.

    that's my 2 cents :smile:
  7. nice blog, shoppingsmycard!
  8. I've been blogging just passed my 4 year anniversary.

    Lately, I haven't kept up with it much but I've met a lot of great people through the blogosphere.

    Try co-blogging with someone. One of my favorite blogs is written by 3 different people.
    It keeps it interesting.