Does anyone have.....

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  1. The small leather duffle(style number 1453)? It was from a few seasons back, it had the two buckles on the side. If you do, can you please post a picture of you wearing it? I have been recently trying to figure out which size would be better for me: large or the small(I am 5'2") and when it was on the website, I looked at the size chart thing, and it appeared rather large on the picture. Thanks!!
  2. i'm also 5'2" and have the larger one. it's really not that big.
  3. I have the signature small duffle with the 2 buckles on the side,I'm about 5"1 and it fits pretty good,I like my strap close to me.I don't have a digital camera so I can't take a picture of it on me.Sorry! :yes:
  4. i have that duffle in black. its not that big. ill post pictures later