does anyone have..

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  1. the op art leah? i did a search and didn't find much about it. i know there were alot of you who didn't care for this bag, but i really do love it. i saw it IRL yesterday at the Nordstrom in Salem, OR and i fell lin love with it even more. i just wanted to know if anyone has it and how the vachetta is holding up. i have never had anything with vachetta...i have done a lot of reading about it in the louis vuitton forum, but i wanted to know about the COACH vachetta!
  2. I just got it yesterday in brown. LOVE IT!
  3. cool! i like the brown, just not for me. i am getting the black on payday (feb 1st)
  4. Now that I have the brown I want the black too. I only wear black at work. I wear a lot more brown. It really is a nice looking and feeling bag.