Does anyone have

  1. I have it! I was concerned that it might be too small for me since I carry everything in my wallet. I adore it. I did end up buying a mono credit card holder for the cards that I don't use frequently.

    I considered the MC Koala but I didn't like the small push lock and I thought the Koala looked a bit cheap without any vachetta trim. And I had a MC PTI but that was just too big. So - the MC french purse is the perfect MC wallet for me.

    BTW - mine has the same color pattern as the link you posted from elux
  2. What does the inside look like?
  3. Here you go. 4 credit card slots that can hold 2 cards in each slot. Two inside slit pockets.

  4. I just got this wallet in the mono. Love it!!! It fits everything just right!!
  5. Hmm...I personally think that there's not enough credit card slots and that the change purse part is too you really have all that many coins? I have a separate LV 'key and change holder' so I don't see much use for another compartment for coins. But if you like it, then go for it! :biggrin:
  6. I have it and LOVE IT!!!:love:
  7. I wish they can have more c/c slots than it's perfect!
  8. Here are the pics:
    pict26167df.jpg pict26181vt.jpg pict26191gt.jpg
  9. Oh wow, it looks GREAT in Epi! :love:
  10. I have it, and it is very practical and classy. However, I recently upgraded to the Epi compact wallet, which I also love.

    Good luck!
  11. I have it in white MC and L.O.V.E. it:love: . I also have the mc Porte-Monnaie Plat to put extra cards and business cards in. I hate loose change so I use the change compartment as a pen holder (for my blue LV nails agenda pen) and receipts.
  12. I considered it, but it was between this and the Multicolore Koala, I ended up getting the Koala because it was smaller and had more credit card slots, My SA told me that alot of people would come into the store wanting a repair on this wallet because the frame of the change compartment would get loose.
  13. i have a koala and a french purse and i use the koala most. i was going to sell it at first, but it looked cute in my antigua. but now that i have the koala, i use it non stop...the koala has the perfect amount of cc slots compared to the french purse. the vachetta on the french purse gets dirty too easily.
  14. I like the look of this wallet.