Does anyone have.....

  1. the comic fob? I just got one a couple of days ago and cant figure out Coach purse it would look best on. Do you have any pics?:yes: Please help me out here!:okay:
  2. [​IMG]

    i think it looks best on white or brown or black or red bags.. it looks good on this signature bag but it would really pop on a bag that is one of the colors on the keychain... and the bag has to be big cuz they keychain is big
  3. ^^ No doubt! This freakin thing is huge. I tried it on my black ergo hobo and it just didnt look right. Nor does it look all that great on my khaki sig. bags. Guess this means time for another Coach!!!
  4. Gosh, I don't know what bag I am putting it on yet...I am just happy to have it for $60 off the original price!

  5. LOL!! Thats why I bought mine too! Dang girl! Im totally missing you around here! Especially all of you super e-bay finds:yes:
  6. try it on a white or black coach bag... a big one!
  7. :yes:Could try it on my white ali:graucho:
  8. Awww, Kimmie! I'll try to post some soon! I don't sell right now, so I'm not on eBay a lot!

  9. Gotcha! Dont be a stranger ya hear! I:heart:your posts:nuts:
  10. Here's mine on my Spring/Summer 06 white large Signature Hobo and a picture of my sister showing how it looks from a side is a HUGE key charm! and I think it would look beautiful on your white Ali... it is so cute in person...totally worth getting!:love:

  11. Dang, Katrynar!
    You got it goin' on girl!:heart:
  12. Looks great!
    I have this I must get the charm/fob.:graucho:
  13. I looked for one last week at the outlet but no luck:crybaby:. I thought it would've looked great on my white Ali.
  14. I have one but haven't used it yet. I agree with the others, white would be best I think, or black. It'll really pop that way. :smile:

    Does anyone else's get kinked up? When I take it out of it's box and hold it up, not all the "dangles" hang the same direction, or smoothly. Some stick out at odd angles.

    I'm figuring it's just doing that because it's been sitting around, but am not sure.
  15. Great pics girls, thanks so much! Im loving the white sig. hobo, what a nice bag. I think I'll either attach it to my white ali or my large black sig. carly.