Does anyone have ...?

  1. The new amatantes inclusion bracelet? I am thinking of having one shipped to me but have not seen it yet?

  2. I know at least a couple of members have it...lvbabydoll, jane, south-of-france, may want to check the Inclusion club in clubhouse subforum.
  3. Yup. :heart:

  4. ^^^Rebecca, looks stunning! Congrats!
  5. Here is mine


    I am very, very pleased with it, and I say that as someone who has not really liked the other recent inclusion colors (my only other inclusion piece is the transparent bangle PM).
  6. Thanks! I'm trying to get all the colors now, I love them! I've worn at LEAST one a day for quite awhile now, they're so fun to mix and match.
  7. It's a gorgeous colour, you should def. get it.
  8. Don't have one yet but I want one.:hysteric:
    Hope you get it.