Does anyone have

  1. does anyone have the watermelon slice key charm?
    i think it is the most adorable thing and i am thinking that i NEED it.. for those who have it, what do you put it on?
    i (shamefully) do not have any charms or anything, so i am a little keychain retarded!:rolleyes:
  2. I don't have the watermelon but I clip charms to wristlets and purses!
    they're fun and cute
  3. I have a sig duffle and I put my "k" charm on the buckle and it hangs next to the metal hang tag. It looks cute (i think) sometimes it is cute to contrast like if you have a leather bag that is green or blue or something i bet it would look cute !
  4. I have it!!! And it's clipped onto my punch stripe swingpack.
  5. i use them as zipper pulls for my wristlets.