Does anyone have...

  1. a Be&D bag? What do you think?
  2. There are a bunch of posts on Be&D - search the threads. The designers are two men out of New York. They make very high quality bags with delicious, soft leather. I have one (the Crawford Cruise) which I bought at Saks several years ago for $950.00. It is still in perfect condition.
    Crawford Cruise.jpg Good one 7.jpg
  3. Thanks SuzyZ! I searched the threads and didn't find anything. Maybe I spaced "Be&D" incorrectly? Duh!:confused1:
  4. BTW, your bag is STUNNING! So nice to know they have lasting value! Here's the link to the stella studded I just got:

    I think it's going to be a great bag!
  5. Oh that's gorgeous!! You are going to love it and be very impressed with the quality. I don't know where those damn posts went - maybe someone will send you a link!! Congratulations on a beautiful purchase!