Does anyone have "WeatherBug"?

  1. I do and its friggin annoying! I always get the little ladybug on my status bar beeping and asking me to open it up to tell me its hot.

  2. nope. i have a window. hehe.

    it's cloudy and dark btw.
  3. wise ass. back in the club with you!
  4. I hate that stupid weatherbug. I uninstalled it right when stupid AIM put it on.
  5. you knowatI'msaying! chirp chirp chirp! oh look! newsflash! your'e gonna melt tonight!
  6. All I know is it messed up computers at my workplace royally ... I had to spend a lot of time trying to get it cleaned up off of people's computers. It was a nuisance, seemed to have some spyware built in ... I'd recommend uninstalling it!!
  7. oiooooh. doing that right now.....
  8. oh how creepy is this??? As soon as I was about to uninstall it, I can't find the ICON!!!!! Ahhhhh! Tom Cruise is in my computer!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OT but AAAAH!!! tomKat totally ruined top gun for me. :rant:

    good thing ashton/kevin are coming out with top gun: coast guard style next month. :tender:
  10. okay so check this out. I went to Add/Remove programs in my control panel and when I asked it to remove Weatherbug I get this window saying "don't kill weatherbug! give me a chance!" I felt like I was smashing a real lady bug (which I would NEVER do!) great marketing. little do they know I used to be a national marketing director. so I smashed it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :choochoo:

    ^^^that's a "yay!" smiley btw. i've always wanted to use it, and never found the opportunity. so i made one. :yes:
  12. I used to have weatherbug. Do you know you can change the chirping sound to a ring. I used to have the ring and I think you can change the icon to, I used to have numbers instead of a in 75 degrees. That chirping used to bug the crap out of me!!
  13. I had it for about a month... then it got annoying and I got a virus on my computer so I'll never use it again. Haha
  14. Oh you can set it to where all the alert/chirping are turned off! It used to bug the crap out of me, but as soon as I did that Weatherbug & I became inseparable :biggrin:
  15. My husband has it and loves it, I deleted it on my PC i found the croaking and whistling sounds so :censor: annoying !!